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How to struggle with cellulitis and excess weight in house conditions?

Anti-cellulite wrappings of a body became a popular method of disposal of cellulitis and a detoxication of an organism at home. Wrappings were used throughout centuries to bring toxins out of an organism and to make skin smooth and elastic, napityvy and humidifying it. It is also fine way to relax and indulge the body.

Anti-cellulite wrappings of the house

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For a wrapping in house conditions various components - for example, such as dirt, clay, an aloe belief, honey, chocolate. Following the correct recommendations, you can get all advantages of an anti-cellulite wrapping in house conditions. There are many recipes to make your body beautiful and to bring out of it toxins. It is very important to pick up ingredients correctly.

Some people use simple and regular wrappings of a body, and some can choose special anti-cellulite wrappings as seaweed. Wrappings from clay best of all are suitable for a detoxication.
to grow thin, you can add essential oils, such as a sage, patchoulis and a lemon grass etc. Green clay is considered the best means for those whose purpose to grow thin.

Before starting procedure of a wrapping, it is necessary to remove dead cells of skin and to open a time. Prepare old towels that you had not to worry about spots. Pour water in a mug that later procedures to balance liquid loss. For disposal of cellulitis and elimination of toxins repeat house wrappings once a month.

Here several recipes for house wrappings of a body:

A body wrapping clay

Clay is considered the best ingredient for an organism detoxication. If you have a fat skin, then it is better to use bentonite clay. For sensitive and dry skin it is a pink kaolin. For normal skin yellow clay is considered.

Take the clay suitable for your type of skin, and add it to the boiling water with a quarter of a glass of sea salt and two tablespoons of olive oil. Mix everything, and then let`s cool down within several hours. Take a hot shower and put a srub to peel skin. Now you are ready to an anti-cellulite wrapping clay.

Apply mix on a body, and then wrap up a body towel strips. Do not turn too densely as it can interfere with blood circulation. Lay down for an hour or two and be covered with a blanket. In 2 hours wash away clay and use lotion for moistening of skin.

Anti-cellulite wrappings herbal tea

Fill a bucket with warm water and add one cup of herbal tea (ginger, a lavender and a camomile etc.) . Now lower two towels in this solution and accurately wrap up them all body. Later lay down on a blanket on a floor and relax for 15 minutes.

A wrapping with honey and a lemon

to Squeeze out juice of a half of a lemon and to rub a lemon peel in a bowl. To add to it 5 tablespoons of honey and it is good to mix. To add 2 tablespoons of sea salt to mix. To impregnate with mix a towel and to wrap up around a body. To leave for 15 minutes and to relax. After that it is good to wash out and moisten skin with the moisturizing cream. This wrapping best of all is suitable for disposal of cellulitis and helps to improve blood circulation.

Such house anti-cellulite wrappings are inexpensive and effective alternative to those which will offer you in beauty shops. If it is difficult for you to make it alone, you can use the help of the friend or girlfriend.