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Whether St. Valentine`s Day is necessary to us?

It is known that are on February 14 St. Valentine`s Day or St. Valentine`s Day. In Russia and the CIS countries this holiday began to be celebrated quite recently, about twenty years ago, having happily removed from Europe. On the one hand is not the worst what could be taken in the West, and with another - why we need others holiday?

Many already know that history of emergence of this holiday began in Ancient Rome, and he is called in honor of the simple Christian priest Valentin who secretly crowned legionaries in love, for as it was executed.

In Russia there was the holiday of lovers too - Day of Ivan Kupala, here he was only marked out not in the winter, and at the beginning of summer. Our ancestors celebrated this day with big scope. On the night of Ivan Kupala they jumped through a fire, collected herbs and flowers, spun wreaths, let them on water, had a shower bath water, guessed and arranged night excesses. But for some reason this holiday at contemporaries did not get accustomed, and St. Valentine`s Day, on the contrary, is celebrated everywhere. In what business?

And the matter is that the modern youth which just also picked up this holiday gravitates to all foreign, it seems to them that everything with the inscription “made in …“ is much better, than native. And, as sadly it sounds, often so it also is. Well and plus promotion: romantic foreign movies, broadcasting of mass media and the bright advertized holiday symbols.

By the created tradition in day loving couples give each other symbolical gifts and exchange declarations of love. Respectively is not only a St. Valentine`s Day, but also day of superprofits for sellers of flowers, sweets on February 14 (especially in the form of heart), cards (Valentine`s Day cards) and souvenirs. It was counted, for example, that this day in the USA lovers bought 24 thousand roses a minute. Impresses, isn`t that so?

On the other hand, well and that that this holiday has commercial character? But it is an excess occasion to arrange themselves romantic appointment or a cheerful party, an occasion to reconcile if you in quarrel, or at last - to make an avowal of sentiments. All this of course can be made also in usual day, without waiting for official permission, but anyway a holiday - it is always good! Whether always? Really the St. Valentine`s Day can present not only positive emotions, but also unpleasant experiences?

Seven reasons not to love St. Valentine`s Day:

1. People who have problems with private life this day feel the loneliness even more sharply. It seems that all give each other gifts around, make a declaration of love, and you are necessary to nobody. And from it it becomes even more sad.

2. St. Valentine`s Day is the real ruin. In any other day flowers, restaurants and a taxi cost several times cheaper. It is worth reflecting whether it is necessary to overpay, especially if your budget joint. It is possible to arrange romantic appointment, for example, on February 15 and considerably to save, or for the same sum to take a walk with about lshy scope.

3. If you do not reserve a table at restaurant in advance to celebrate on February 14, then it is necessary to arrange a romantic dinner on the street because all places will be taken by more enterprising lovers. The mood will be spoiled, and even the most ardent feelings are cooled with February frosts.

4. This day can present you a heap of unnecessary, useless and silly things. If you have no problems with admirers, then the next plush toy or uncountable boxes of the candies spoiling a figure will force you to regret about it. Already every year!

5. After a holiday surely there will be somebody who will ask: “And what presented to you? “, and at the same time will brag of own gift, and very expensive, having emphasized at the same time that the it is more expensive, the love is more. Also it is not important at all that it is not a gift, and in attention - examining the motley Valentine`s Day card in paws of a cheap teddy bear, you will understand that pleasant memories from a holiday thaw as quickly as ice cream on the sun.

6. Even if you do not celebrate this holiday with the soulmate, then subconsciously many all the same expect manifestation of attention. A gift without cause - it is fine, and here lack of a gift when the occasion is - it is very sad. And as it is offensive when you presented a souvenir to darling, and it to you is not present …

7. Besides, there is in this holiday something affected. All this demonstration of sweet feelings causes a pathetic show. Most of men buys to the lady flowers because is necessary because so do all - the gregarious instinct works. All this is quite good, only and here love ?

As it seems to me, people who do not like to celebrate St. Valentine`s Day, or are lonely, or rather loving couples because the first have nobody this holiday to divide, and it is simply not necessary to the second. love in itself - a holiday . Therefore there is a wish to wish that this holiday was with you not only on St. Valentine`s Day, but also every day your life!