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Whether northerners should hope for compensation of their expenses on journey to vacation spots?

I here pleased all of us. Speak, in the days the constitutional judges among themselves conferred, verified correctness of the drawn conclusions with the Country constitution and announced to all Russia - the mother - a pier, we have the right.

And, everything, and not just workers of the budgetary sphere and others, to this budget relation having. All is all inhabitants of Far North and the districts equated to them have the right for compensation of journey to the vacation spot. Including those who work in the commercial organizations.

Razzudis a shoulder that I could swing to a poshirsha yes more feasibly. Where here these, which businessmen? Spread money quicker, I was going to warm regions. And that, behind a window … A frost under thirty. Bothered to Azhit damned. Where my money? About which not somebody. The constitutional court told!

And not only told, but also suggested “to the federal legislator to establish the compensation for expenses size on payment of journey to the place of holiday and back for workers of the region of the Far North, an opportunity to use the holiday outside the region“ guaranteeing to them, separately at the same time having emphasized that lack of it, legislatively established size, “does not grant to employers the right to evade from determination of the size and conditions of providing compensation“ .

When there still our elects will be going to consider this question. And as will gather, so there the first reading of the bill, the second, third... And if already now to warm regions it is necessary to me! To look at penguins. At us here one knowing says that to the south of them there is nobody. The same pineapples, bananas, a papaya - to the north. Considerably to the north.

Here I was also going to run to church and a candle to put for health of that Karelian that dashed off the complaint concerning the off-budget deprivation. Like, the neigbour in the budgetary sphere works also with it - it is possible, and me if I have no relation to that budget, but honestly I work with a zitspredsedatel of LLC Roga i kopyta so? Then it is impossible? It why? And in the Constitution of the country it is about it not stated unless? Who observes the Basic law there?

Well, the Constitutional court also answered that it - observes it. And on Thursday, February 9, made happy already all of us, but not one Karelian that dashed off the complaint. Somehow it is necessary to tell this Irina thanks?

Here I was also going to church. But there candles for free do not distribute. It is necessary to pay for them. I also dropped into accounts department that avansets, so wrote out. Well, also explained to little girls, joyful all such why to me avansets. Not on beer there, or herring with candies. For a good cause. The person to all of us well made, well and we to him a candle - in health that he lived long and happily. Also it was not hiccupped to it.

And accountants … Eternally from them - one baddy! And that not so, and here not so. No, money all - gave me. But before lecture was given. About harm of pink glasses for sight. And not only for it.

Type Constitutional court it, of course, cool. Even more cool that all of us are not the creatures shivering, and as it appears, we have the right. Here would only tell us who - as this right to realize? And to go on a halyavka on the South at the expense of the employer who is obliged to agree with each of us now. And to pay journey. And not only there. But also back. For work - it is necessary to return after holiday!

With state employees everything is clear. This money is budgeted for them or directly, or in the estimate of financing of that budgetary organization in which they work. So on state employees and to the decision of the Constitutional court no questions existed.

And here is how to go on the South to extra state employees?! From where to them to take money to compensate expenses on a trip? To put in the price of the production? But then the price of similar production at the northern enterprises will be higher, than at their southern market fellows who are not pushing in the cost of the goods of these expenses. Respectively, northern production automatically will become noncompetitive and the enterprise will be closed (from - for lack of sale and, respectively, - money). And his workers will not go on the South at the expense of the employer.

Because they will already be not workers. And after closing of the enterprise automatically will become the unemployed. For whom only the grant is budgeted - it is provided. And there is no compensation for expenses - … However, also other option is possible

. That not to raise price for products and by that to keep its competitiveness, the northern enterprises have to pay the workers a salary, smaller by the size, in comparison with workers of similar specialties and qualifications in the south. It - in general a madhouse. Type take a radish if horse-radish is not pleasant to you. And so at us labor migration is directed from the North - to the South and from the small cities - in big and if in the south also pay more... To whom then it is necessary, this North?

What? And horse-radish is not pleasant to you? Well, a zvynyayta, misters extra state employees, we do not have another!

And what then, it turns out, this Karelian achieved? Oh, will halloo still all (all!) to northerners this decision of the Constitutional court on its complaint. Here only, is given to me that the echo it will be not kind.

Generally, I all - put a candle. Only not in health. And for the peace of all northern extra state employees …