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Against Euthanasia of

Speaking about euthanasia, I think, will not be superfluous to remind what is it in general. From the Ancient Greek ev language it is translated as it is “good“; “tanaziya“ matters “death“. I.e. it is not difficult to guess that literally euthanasia is an easy death, death without tortures.
Exists many opinions on this phenomenon, disputes on a subject are already long enough conducted: whether euthanasia is necessary to Russia? Expressing to
the point on this question, I can tell absolutely precisely that personally I against euthanasia. Why?
In - the first, referring on standardly - legal acts, it is possible to draw a conclusion with absolute confidence that euthanasia simply - naprosto contradicts these acts. For example, in the Code of Medical Ethics it is told: “to keep life and to promote preservation of natural bases of life“. Further, the Hippocratic Oath consists such words as “I will not give anybody prosimy at me deadly means and I will not show a way for a similar plan“. The Geneva Declaration tells us the following: “I will keep the highest respect for human life since the moment of conception: even under the threat I will not use the medical knowledge contrary to laws of humanity“. Eventually, will not be superfluous to remember to all of us the famous Criminal Code of the Russian Federation where any murder of any form is punished, and euthanasia is and there is a murder.
In - the second, there is a wish to remind that one of the basic principles both our state, and our Russian legislation is the principle of humanity. It is not difficult to guess that euthanasia is not in any way a humane act and consequently cannot work in Russia in any way.
B - the third, euthanasia as it seems to me, it is possible to consider as one of suicide forms. Therefore, doing euthanasia official in our country, we, roughly speaking, we do nothing else as we justify suicide.
B - the fourth, it is necessary to consider that Russians very often speak about good medicine, about aspiration to reliable treatment. And as we can reach it if instead of improving this medicine by new technologies or for example, additional more profound education of doctors, we suggest our Russian doctors to expand their professional duties, having granted them the right for murder. It turns out that the motto of our future medicine, perhaps, will become: “Did not manage to cure, means - we will kill“. Perfectly, here only I do not think that it is positive to be reflected in modernization of our medicine.
Also wants to illuminate the psychological moment of euthanasia separately. It is accurately convinced that the person who makes the decision on murder of the person; which enters a poisonous vaccine or feeds the patient with a “magic“ tablet; at which the hand is raised to disconnect the vital device already a priori is the person capable of murder and consequently the cruel man. And this moment definitely positively will not be reflected in development of our society in any way.
Eventually, it is worth to remember that not the doctor gave us life, and it means, as not to the doctor to take away it especially as the duty, much more important for the person, is provided to it - to keep life.
based on the aforesaid, I accurately formulated the position on the matter: I against euthanasia.