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What to do with the child in maternity hospital?

Pregnancy and childbirth - as a jump from a tower in water. You long worry, are nervous, listen to the body day after day. Often it seems that these nine months will never end, and then some instant - and you already in fights and attempts in maternity hospital. Minutes, hours last, you think that it will never end … with

Oh, happiness! First shout of your kid.

Tired mummy has a rest and gains strength, and a small nose the long-awaited miracle snuffles nearby. Inexpressible minutes of happiness and new fears. What to do? Why he shouts? How to feed? What to do if the child pokakat?

Getting ready for childbirth, I, as well as any other future mother, read much, was engaged on courses, studied grants. Information on childbirth, on the postnatal period, on care of children, on healthy nutrition was collected much. The only question on which I did not find the answer: “What to do with the child in maternity hospital? “ Yes, of course, competent doctors and midwifes will show everything and will tell, however it would be desirable to be a little ready and most.

While mother and the kid are in maternity hospital, the medical staff undertakes the main care of the young little man, at the same time a lot of things mummy has to be able. we Take

the kid on hands

the Main fear is connected with fear to damage the newborn. Don`t be afraid! Accuracy and attention. It is possible to take on hands the baby somehow - under a back, under mice, under a tummy. The main thing - to hold a head of the kid. Muscles of a neck are still very weak. Do not create additional load of the child`s backbone, do not hold with a hand under buttocks. The child lies on one mother`s hand, and we support by the second hand the head. we Feed with

the kid

Not all mummies can correctly apply the child to a breast at once. Not all kids can correctly to take mummy`s nipple. See behind the hint a doctor. All will show you. there is no


Feed and once again you feed. So far yours to the baby has enough several drops of colostrum. It is wrong to consider that it is not necessary to feed until milk came yet. Colostrum contains a large number of protective immune factors which provide to the newborn passive immunity.

The child sucks a breast and stimulates production of milk. It is useful to buy in maternity hospital teas for improvement of a lactation and a milk pump.

the Kid cries

of the Reasons of shout of the child much. Most often the angriest crying is a hungry crying. Here everything is simple. We put the child to a breast. Do not worry that in the first days after the delivery with problem milk. Everything will come.

The kid can cry both with cold, and with a heat. Thermal control of the baby differs from thermal control of the adult. The kid cools down quicker and heats up. On this subject it is a lot of information. What to do in maternity hospital? Adequately estimate temperature indoors. Do not muffle up the child too warmly, but also do not leave absolutely without clothes in hot chamber. Surely put on a cap a head even in the warmest room. To swaddle or not to swaddle the child … The decision remains for you. I by a doctor`s advice swaddled. Babies are often frightened chaotic movements of own handles, and it can be the cause of shout too. the Kid pokakat

, peed

In the first days after the delivery the kcal of the child can frighten young mummy very much. Kal of the child of the first days of life - meconium. It is so-called first-born kcal. Color can vary from is black - green to green. Kal is viscous as fuel oil. In 3 - 4 days of kcal changes coloring and a consistence. Now it is non-uniform on color, in it there can be white lumps and slime. What to do is farther? We put the child on a back. We undo a diaper. We take both legs of the child in one hand, accurately we raise a lower body, we clean a diaper. Now there are two options: to wash away the child or to remove kcal from pomoshchyyuvlazhny napkins. Choose a way, more convenient for you. After use of special children`s napkins it is not necessary to wash away the child any more.

If the child peed, with it it is simpler. We remove a diaper, we blot all folds with wet towel wipes, we put on a pure diaper.

of the Spot of blood on a diaper

Sometimes at girls of the first days of life appear blood spots on a diaper. Do not panic! Most likely, it is connected with hormonal reorganization of an organism of the girl after the delivery. The newborn girl has a uterus too. At mummy in a tummy she was affected by hormones, now their level sharply fell. The uterus of the child reacted to it small bleeding. Anyway pay attention of the doctor to this fact.

On a diaper it is possible to find spots of red color in boys. As doctors speak, it is connected with work of kidneys of the newborn. There are salts. See a doctor behind detailed explanations.

Cream, powder under a diaper

Individually for each baby. It is worth consulting at the doctor.

the Swelled up a little breast at girls and boys

Hormones, again hormones! Small swelling in nipples of babies of both floors very frequent and not dangerous phenomenon.

the Fontanel

the Wide soft site on the head of the baby - a fontanel. The touch to a fontanel will not damage to the child in any way. You touch not directly the child`s brain, and a dense protective cover. In a fontanel the pulsation is well visible. All are normal. The blood circulatory system of the kid works.

of the Inoculation

to the baby do to

In the first days of life a hepatitis B inoculation. For 3 - 7 day of life an inoculation of BTsZh or BTsZh - M. Podrobno about inoculations you can read in various sources. Doctors in maternity hospital ask mother`s consent to the child`s inoculations. Mother did not depart from childbirth yet and badly understands that want from her. To impart or not is especially individual decision. Read about inoculations before childbirth and make the correct decision in advance.

In maternity hospital care of these parts of a body carry out the Navel, a face, ears nurses. Look narrowly, listen, be not afraid to ask. It is worth learning to look after the baby independently to an extract from maternity hospital.

Several days flew by. You treat the kid already more surely. However there is a weight more of questions. Ask doctors, you communicate with parents, learn from girlfriends. Any information will be useful. Extract home. Good luck!

author Tatyana Zilina

source: ru