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Why and how to guess on tarot cards?

After in 90 - e years the ban on occupations by an occultism and the accompanying practicians was withdrawn, the unknown boom of predictors, psychics and healers began. The person - a being curious and sometimes extremely impatient. All of us want to know what waits for us in the future. The fact that guessing on tarot cards gained such popularity in recent years is explained by it. Tell

to me, the fortuneteller

During life we often come up against situations from which we do not know what to wait for. For example, to you suggested to replace the place of work, but you were already strongly fixed on old and doubt whether it is worth passing to other work, even with salary increase. Perhaps you endure the difficult period in the relations with the half and do not know how to solve this problem.

Many tarolog come up against a situation when the person comes, without having the prepared question or the problem requiring the solution, and it is simply interesting to it to learn, “that will be“. Than you ask less specific question to the fortuneteller, especially risk to receive the indistinct answer. So if you decided to tell fortunes on the future only out of curiosity, do not count on truthfulness of a prediction. You should not spend time and money in vain.

What question - such is the answer


- the system founded on symbols and, therefore, multiple-valued. Tarolog has to understand that you try to learn by means of cards to what aspects it is worth paying attention. If you depicted a problem in general, and held back important details, do not count on reliability of guessing.

For example, you asked about the attitude towards you of a certain person, but held back that this person is in the relations with someone else. The fortuneteller can see the rival according to the dropped-out cards, and can not see, or interpret a deal incorrectly. There is no her fault in it, it is not a clairvoyant to guess that you from it hid.


the Most popular question at clients - “When?“. Its versions: “When I will find work?“, “When I will marry / marry?“, “When I will meet the half?“ etc. The fortuneteller can seldom answer this question.

Skilled predictors, before doing a deal, ask what time interval interests you, and watch prospects at this concrete term. It is necessary to remember that your future depends first of all on your actions. If you stay at home, do not distribute the summary and do not go on interviews, then even the most iridescent prediction practically has no chances to be carried out in reality. Unless there will be a miracle and the employer himself will call your door, for example, you will be suggested to be become the seller of “Kirby“.

Minuses of predictions

Often happens so that, having learned about prospects on the future, the person relaxes and begins to wait when the deal comes true by itself. It is known that he who would eat the fruit, must climb the hill. To receive result, it is necessary to work therefore you bear responsibility for reliability of a deal.

There can be also a reverse situation. For example, foretold to the woman divorce within a year, she is frightened and panics. Begins to suspect the husband of change, to try to discover signs that he stopped loving it etc. in his behavior. As our fears have property to come true, can happen so that its panic will affect the relations not in the best way, and the conflicts will begin. If the woman tells nothing to the husband, and very quietly gnaws herself, he all the same will begin to suspect wrong.

You should not treat predictions as to the ultimate truth. Remember that tarolog - the living person, and too can be mistaken. Unreasonable fears will spoil life to you and your relatives. whether

It is worth addressing fortunetellers

If you are going to visit the fortuneteller, interrogate acquaintances who already used services of predictors. You should not trust announcements near the subway or to visit salons in the center of Moscow. In both cases you risk to run into charlatans, and in the second - also to overpay. It is better to find a tarolog according to the recommendation.

If you are ready that the answer of the predictor can not correspond to what you want to hear, it is possible to address for a deal. You should not be upset if the result of guessing did not coincide with your expectations. In your forces to change everything.

Remember that guessing on Taro is an opportunity to see options of succession of events or to prevent consequences. Listen to councils of the fortuneteller, and it will help you to avoid troubles further.

Do not wait from a tarolog of the help in the solution of your problems, heart-to-heart talks or the fact that you will be felt sorry and patted on a back. For it it is necessary to address the psychologist or the friend. Answers to many questions can find Taro if you are ready to take the responsibility for the life and to begin to change, and the predictor will specify to you the direction for changes.