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How to change the life to the best? 10 steps which has to begin to do each

All want to make the life happy, saturated, interesting. But can not always define from what and how to begin certain changes to come to desirable result. Nevertheless not everything is as difficult as it seems at first sight. The following actions will help to concentrate the efforts in the right direction to you:

1. Begin to spend time with the correct people.

It is those people with whom it is interesting to you who loves and appreciates you. These are those who inspire you for achievements of your purposes, loads with energy and gives support. They perceive you not only such by what you now, but also are sure that you will become that whom you want to be, irrespective of any conditions.

2. Begin to appreciate what you already have.

the Problem of many of us consists that we think that we will be happier when we reach a certain level. Higher, prestigious. Level which was already reached by the people surrounding us: your chief in a separate office, the friend of your friend who owns a mansion on the seashore, etc. Unfortunately, we cannot reach the desirable at once. And when nevertheless we achieve the objectives, there is new level which there is a wish to reach. As a result you all life hurry and seek to get on new level. Any more there is no time to stop and think of what you already reached that already you have. Therefore do not forget to stop at least for a moment and to realize, estimate what you already have at the moment.

3. Begin to notice pleasant and good in the most insignificant events of your life.

Instead of constantly waiting for a fulfillment of a big and significant event, for example, of a wedding, the births of the child, a prize in a lottery or profits from promo - actions and to live future, begin to find happiness in those situations which happen to you every day. These are imperceptible to us things - a cup of fragrant coffee since morning which awakes energy and activity for the whole day. It is unusual taste and a smell of homemade food which you catch, having come from work home. This pleasure to share with someone close what is especially expensive and pleasant for you. This and warm touch of a hand of the person loving you to your hand. Daily noticing such small pleasures, you will feel, your usual life becomes how finer and happier.

4. Take at least one small step to the big purpose every day!

Remember that travel to one thousand kilometers begins with one small step. What you dreamed of, begin to take small important steps every day that your wish was fulfilled. Though many of us already decided what is wanted to be reached, only some really do something every day to come to the desirable.

5. Begin to accept full responsibility for own life. Realize

that all your mistakes and actions - result only of your own choice. Be ready to take necessary steps to improve a situation. Remember: or you take responsibility for the life, or it someone will make another. And if it happens, then you will become the slave to their ideas and plans instead of going to own dream. You are only who can directly control result of the life. It will be not always easy. Each person faces obstacles. But you have to take the responsibility for any situation and overcome these obstacles. The choice can be difficult, but always remains for you.

6. Begin to help those who near you.

Care for people. Conduct them if you know a way better and more safely for them. The more you help others, the more often they will want to help also you. Lyubov and kindness gives rise also to love and kindness. Remember it.

7. Begin to listen to the internal voice and trust intuitions. If it is important

for you, discuss the ideas with close people, but do not neglect the intuition and follow it. Be honest with itself. Say what needs to be told. Do what tells your heart.

8. Begin to forgive yourself and others.

All of us feel pain from our own incorrect decisions or we take offense at acts of others. And though such painful experiences are natural, sometimes they drag on for a long time. We endure this pain again and again and hardly we release it. The forgiveness is medicine. It does not mean that it is necessary to erase the past and to forget about what occurred. It means that you just have to release all offenses and pains. To learn a lesson from the incident, to apprehend as experience and to move further. To lead bright life without offenses.

9. Give chance to the dream or idea to be carried out! You will never be sure by

for 100% that your idea will work. But you can be precisely sure for 100% that it will not work if to do nothing, and just to dream. The most part of time you just have to do something on the way to dream. And it is not important what from this will turn out. Everything will end exactly as has to be. Anyway, if to work constantly, you either will achieve success, or will find new experience, will learn something new. Strategy “win - win“ - losers is not present!

10. Be sure that you are always ready to the following step in the life. You are ready

! Remember it. You have everything that it is necessary now to take one more small, but real step forward. Therefore use all opportunities on your course of life and accept problems and difficulties as godsends which will help you to grow over themselves.