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Nano polishing??? What is it and why it is necessary.

the Handsome - the car as if just descended from the conveyor, is pleasing to the eye geometry of forms, a smooth bend of lines of a body, and, of course, gloss of a paint and varnish covering.

Here so to put and admire this beauty every day! But, unfortunately, the vehicle has to be operated. And it leaves the negative mark on primitive beauty.

Paints grow dull, burning out on the sun. There are scratches and dents on a body surface from careless or negligent influence. Snow, a rain and a hail subject to corrosion the damaged sites. And salts, chemical solvents, a bird`s dung corrode a paint and varnish covering of the four-wheel friend. Independent attempts “to tint“, align, “cover“ finally bring to the specialist polisher.

To prolong the term of operation of the car, to protect its paint and varnish covering (LKP) from harmful external natural effects it is necessary to watch appearance of the car. As preventive measures it is possible to resort to nano polishing of a body. It is actual at least because LKP at different models differs on quality. At expensive brands it more durable, and at models cheaper also spoils, grows dull earlier.

Restoration restoration of a surface of the car is carried out in the mechanical way, using small abrasives. The thinnest varnish damaged coat at the level of the smallest molecular particles is removed, the surface gets an easy roughness and bright gloss.

Opening by a varnish of an automobile body by experts protect it from drawing small scratches and from adverse effect of external natural factors (buds of trees, excrement of birds and insects, dust, bitumen and sand).

Nano polishing will become a barrier to influence of sunshine and chemical reactants, acid rains and salty deposits. The sliding soft layer “shakes“ the destroying particles and solutions when driving. Water does not get to the cracks hidden by polishing, and it extinguishes corrosion destruction.

Prevention can be different. Apply polishing at the heart of which - epoxies to protection against sand, small mechanical damages and scratches. But it is not durable, and in a year needs updating.

Stronger and preferable LKP covering is considered the liquid varnish having the molecules protecting a covering not losing protective properties within three years in the molecular structure.

Use of a restoration covering with high-quality components - teflon and silicone - will reliably protect the car from influence of ultraviolet rays for half a year. Then mix is applied anew.

The most sparing polishing (softened) is recommended at the first detection of the slightest scratches and attritions.

Not less actually and lamination when sites of a surface of the car become covered by the special heated stretched film. It serves as reliable protection within five years. Protective substance of a film acts as a barrier to moisture and dust both on a body, and on disks of wheels. Such covering easily washes manually or on car wash.

If preventive maintenance was not carried out in time, the surface of the car can be subject to serious destructions. Such state demands big capital investments and labor costs. It is necessary to carry out serious recovery work with use of abrasive paper or the grinder. Paste for polishing corrects roughnesses and eliminates superficial scratches with high quality.

Able to arise turbidity of the hologram are eliminated with antigologrammny polish and are fixed by a protective layer of a nano varnish.

To add gloss, purity to glasses and headlights, it is possible by means of polishing too. Processing by such technology promotes self-cleaning of a windshield at plentiful rainfall. Flaws blow off the accumulating streams of snow and rain from the processed surface, improving visibility and the review to the driver. “Janitors“ join less often, the surface of glasses is exposed to mechanical damages less.

The model and a make of the car, professionalism of workers, quality of finishing materials, a condition of LKP of the car determine the price of services of performance of polishing works.
does not need to be delayed prevention. In due time given help to the friend to the car will return it “the second youth“, will refresh paints and will prolong service life.