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Czech Republic. How to be dissolved among locks and rest?

Frankly speaking, it is always difficult to write that it is “nearby“, about what, apparently, all know as it is. But it seems to me that it is possible to tell about this state and is necessary much. The subject is inexhaustible and many-sided as the ocean, the ocean of time. You plunge into this “reservoir“ when you get to the Czech Republic.

For me the Czech Republic - it the fantastic country is from the childhood. These are medieval castles and the architecture absolutely unlike that to which we got used at home. It is purity and an order on streets, the flowers growing in flowerpots under windows of the second floors. It is surely historic center in any, even the most small town. The narrow small streets which are taking away in uncertainty. When it seems - here now you will curtail into the next alley and you will see great ladies in magnificent dresses, noblemen, dressed up totally, the knights and armourbearers, simple people hurrying on the affairs.

Many people can test such “delusion“. The imagination is played outright, it is only worth crossing a threshold of some medieval castle or the estate of the small estate nobleman. You are instantly had on several centuries ago.

The country is beautiful at all seasons of the year. In the summer - there is no exhausting heat. Warmly as if envelops, without tormenting and without exhausting I smother. In the winter there is no frost burning, getting to the core too. Soft snow winters turn already bewitching landscape into the magic fairy tale. In the fall and in the spring - there are a lot of rains, but after them the nature becomes even purer and finer. Probably, such what it was in day of creation of the world. Weather all the year round as though emphasizes a geographical position of the Czech Republic as the middle of Europe. This sredinnost (moderation) is visible in everything - soft climate, the gentle, quiet people.

At all seasons of the year, under any weather conditions, not very well, the rain or snow, in the cities is not present slush. On streets it is pure, and houses as though descended from the pastoral picture (there is no fussy downtroddenness of modern megalopolises). Weather calls on foot walks on vicinities, there are you in the capital or in some small, provincial town. The gentle charm gives each city, each settlement, any corner of the nature to which you decided to give an attention droplet.

The number of locks per unit area simply blows the mind. In total their more than 2500, and the total area of the state about 79000 km 2 , that is one lock is the share approximately of each 32 km 2 . Locks the most various - from the most ancient constructions of the X-XIII centuries which were carrying out especially fortification function to magnificent structures of an era of the Renaissance and baroque, worthy the king.

Practically all constructions are in a good shape, some remained untouched up to now, the part was restored during the Soviet period, some were even reconstructed to earlier stages of the existence.

So, for example, in the lock of Doudleby - over - the Eagle-hen under plaster of the 19th century it was revealed Renaissance sgraffito the 17th century - style of decoration of the walls when in several multi-colored plaster coats special scrapers cut a relief. The lock the Bone - a medieval gothic style with thick walls, towers. It is considered by right as a magnificent example of military (defensive) architecture. Karlova Koruna is the representative of baroque castle architecture in outlines having similarity to a royal crown. The lock to Chastolovitsa representing the Czech Renaissance with its surprising kessonirovanny ceilings. Troski who is symbiosis of a natural arrangement and the architectural genius. Constructed at top of the “two-headed“ rock, it hangs over vicinities, in good weather from its walls it is possible to see Prague.

But not only masterpieces of architecture the Czech Republic pleases. Almost each lock is open for visit and can brag of both an external decor, and internal furniture. In each lock there is the exposition telling about some aspect of life of the aristocracy.

Opochno will show a unique collection of the weapon - from stone axes to kurkovy guns, a medieval armor and a huge collection of hunting trophies. Slatinyana can please with an exposition interesting gippologichesky (from the word a gippologiya - a konevedeniye) the museum.

From torment cellars before works of high art - the range of the presented exhibits and works is so wide and various that the moral and spiritual satisfaction and unforgettable impressions receive everything, young and old. Children with their irrepressible imagination and thirst of opening for certain will remember movies in a fantasy genre, adults will be touched by the beautiful ancient legends existing practically in any lock. People of creative professions will be inspired by the opened variety of the eras replacing each other and also styles and the directions of art which were in a favor in those dostoslavny times.

That in some locks it will be possible to satisfy hunger not only esthetic, but also corporal, having had dinner in a tavern, and it is not necessary to speak. I bet, in a circle of friends or family you will hardly refuse to try numerous grades of qualitative Czech beer with the real, but not invented by advertisers centuries-old story.

Any of the visited castles in a frame of the most beautiful nature, silence and regularity of the life surrounding you will present rest from the bustle and nervousness accompanying dullness of a vital circle. Will become a breath of fresh air in lungs, tired of a smog.