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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on February 11 - 12? “Star wars“ in 3D, etc.

In these days off history of legendary “Star wars“ of George Lucas will proceed. However, not absolutely as fans of these cult film series would like it. Just old times Lucas decided to reissue the large-scale creation in 3D.

The company to “The hidden threat“, the first episode of the franchize, continuation of the adventure movie “Travel to the Center of Earth“ and the spy thriller with Denzel Washington`s participation “Will make an access code “Cape Town“.

In opposition to the advertized blockbusters there are “Slavic“ practices among which the victor of Venice “Faust“ of Alexander Sokurov, the drama of his compatriot Anton Sivers “The house on a roadside“ and the rare guest on our screens - a picture of production of Ukraine, the melodrama “Lovers“. And now is more detailed:

1. “Star wars: An episode 1 - the Hidden threat“ (Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace, 1999)

Relay 3D - reanimations of old movies is started by

. It is known that Lucas threatened on three-dimensional reincarnation of all franchize, but this time began to let out pictures according to their serial numbers. I.e. from 2012 to 2014 we will be able to contemplate new versions of prequels, and only then classical episodes of the saga “New Hope“, “Empire Strikes Back“ and “Return of the Jedi“ will be issued.

Someone can see in it desire of the Hollywood producers to earn on old, checked by time, brands. Certainly, the cinema is not only show, but also business. All question in that, how qualitatively and effectively to authors will be possible to convert classics. It will be a pity if instead of colourful 3D - effects palm off on us the muddy picture with muffled messing around as it was with “Fight of titans“ and “Alice in Wonderland“. It is necessary only to hope that Lucas will treat process seriously (namely it it and promised it is oath) especially as on the agenda of 5 more series and false start is necessary to nobody.

Considering that okromya 3D any innovations in the movie are not expected, everyone solves for himself. But if to trust Lucas, the updated “Star wars“ as Americans speak, must see.

2. “Travel 2: Mysterious island“ (Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, 2012)

of Special need for continuation of the history “Travel to the Center of Earth“ (2008) was not. Just the project so universal and flexible in respect of a plot that a sin was not to seize the opportunity. At the same time on a crossing changed all horses. Brendan Fraser to whom after the trilogy about mummies desperately bothered to play Indiana Jones easily left the project. Its place was taken by the charismatic fighter Dwayne Johnson in the company with the old man Michael Caine and one of asterisks of “Sex and the City“ of Christine Davies.

The script of the new movie not so is also important. But if it is interesting to you, then heroes should rediscover Atlantis which besides is that “The mysterious island“ about which Jules Verne wrote. The main thing that creators considered all errors of the original and turned second “Travel“ from the 3D test - technologies into total entertainment. With humour, with living, interesting heroes, with improbable flights, jumps, pursuits, monsters and the landscapes taking a look. It turned out spectacularly and cheerfully, and from the Hollywood attraction we also did not wait for another. Worthy competitor to “Star wars“ in all respects.

3. “The access code “Cape Town““ (Safe House, 2012)

Denzel Washington in bad movies does not appear. The actor always knew the own worth and did not waste the talents on trifles, trying to be put in every image. The only Afro-American who managed to take twice in hands a gold figurine of the Oscar for the actor`s merits. Block, but not the person. Therefore each new project with its participation is interesting in itself. And if it is a storm spy thriller, and together with Washington - a rising star of Hollywood Ryan Reynolds, then there is no place to disappear, it is necessary to look.

Tobin Frost (Washington) - grown wise experience and professional knowledge the CIA agent who unexpectedly decided to bite a hand which fed him all these years. The offended administration counts losses in the form of several employees which Frost cruelly liquidated. The agent was caught, certainly, and brought to the safe place (the name of the movie is quite so translated) to interrogate with addiction in Guantanamo style. But were not in time. Some morons dreaming to send Frost to forefathers rushed into the building. Responsibility for “valuable freight“ lays down on shoulders of inexperienced CIA - Matt Weston`s shnik (Reynolds) who should accompany Frost who is in hiding and to rush about between “our“ and “your“.

4. “Faust“ (2011)

Formally can call Sokurov`s picture “ours“ only with a big stretch. This cinema European and the director did not hesitate to accent this fact, communicating with the press. The screen version of the first part of the immortal tragedy of Goethe was shot in the Czech Republic and Iceland in German with mainly foreign actors, including Fassbinder`s muse German Hanna Shigulla. Acted as a final chord of the tetralogy of the power of Sokurov where earlier the tapes “Moloch“, “Taurus“ and “Sun“ entered. With an obvious sight on prestigious film festivals of Europe where such cinema is loved, honor and regularly award to it prizes. What, actually, also occurred in Venice.

The director never was mass, worked “for himself“ and with the viewer only on “you“. An exit of “Faust“ in a wide release, especially after “Golden lion“, will hardly cardinally change a situation. It as firing from a gun at sparrows: shy hope that the demonstration of the existential world of Goethe developed in country scales will be able to hook on the casual viewer.

5. “The house on a roadside“ (2010)

Unknown winds brought a before last year`s tape of Anton Sivers in number of February film premieres of 2012. The director famous for “Swing“ and “A kiss of a butterfly“, worked several years on television on series “Kamensk“. And then decided to return to big cinema. By the way, not without success. The psychological drama of Sivers rode one and a half years on local and foreign film festivals and as a result reached mass audience.

“The house on a roadside“ - history from the series “there would be no happiness and the misfortune helped“. However, to happiness to heroes of a tape oh how far, and life them is full of despondency and vain hopes for light at the end of the tunnel. In fact, this opus - the bright representative of “new Russian cinema“ - mixes of the serial melodrama with hand-wringing and the daily tragedy. There is a lot of one on a TV screen, there is enough the second also in reality. If to look, then only for the sake of good actor`s works (Merzlikin, Kuzmina, Socks).

On the eve of bourgeois St. Valentine`s Day film distributors could not but launch into an orbit though some project connected with this holiday. The Ukrainian film almanac “Vlyublennye“ telling several short love stories was it. The place - Kiev, time - ours, persons all unfamiliar. And the mood for viewing has to be corresponding.

Certainly, the main fight will be developed between Hollywood 3D - blockbusters, and here it is difficult to specify the unambiguous winner. It is very possible that “Star wars“ will simply crush the competitor the authority. But as we do not stake on financial result, and we love process, no matter who will win in a chart. The main thing that leaving a cinema hall, we experienced exclusively positive emotions.