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Wood fireplace in the house - archaism or a fashionable subject of an interior?

Any person do not remain indifferent to fascinating game of tongues of flame in a fireplace. Aroma of the smoldering pitch on logs and the lulling crackling of firewood in an open fire chamber - that can be finer in the winter in a country house! At the same time, arrangement and the maintenance of such home - business labor-consuming and expensive.

For it it is desirable to provide the place at a design stage of housing and to build a home better before completion of construction. Installation of a fireplace in a country house should be entrusted professionals. Miscalculations can lead to negative consequences - the fireplace will smoke.

At the same time it is necessary to know that you should not consider a wood fireplace as an important element in heating system of a country house, especially during the winter period. The matter is that efficiency at a home no more than 15% (the most part of heat goes to a pipe). For comparison, at modern radiators of efficiency reaches 90%. Besides, the fireplace is not capable to accumulate warmly indoors since gives it only when in it firewood burns. Therefore in modern conditions the fireplace in a country house became just refined element of an interior.

The simplest option - to get a ready chimney set. Its design and advantages can be studied in advance, and to see appearance of a fireplace in a show room. At the same time, this option has also minus. The buyer should choose from the offered models, and he will not be able to embody own design ideas.

The version of the order of a wood fireplace on the individual project will be suitable for such fastidious persons. There is an additional question - what fire chamber better to choose, closed or opened. The last represents a furnace chamber or a niche in a bricklaying in which fire is kindled. It is a classical type of a fireplace in a country house which corresponds to an image of a home. At the same time warmly, which gives such fireplace, disappears as soon as fire goes out. It is necessary to watch it also since the sparks scattering on the parties from logs can become a cause of the fire.

In a fireplace with the closed fire chamber there are doors made of fire-resistant glass therefore they it is much safer. From them the most modern are supplied with system of a compulsory intake of air and return its, already heated, back to the room.

The price of wood fireplaces begins with 40 thousand rubles. Decent fireplaces can be bought for 120 - 250 thousand rubles. And for a product a premium - a class it is necessary to lay out more than 300 thousand rubles. Work on installation of a fireplace in a country house costs, as a rule, 70 - 80% of its cost.

Keep in mind that your expenditure on it do not come to an end. The ready fireplace is inconceivable without chimney set. 4 subjects enter standard: poker, scoop with the long handle, a whisk and nippers. It is better to place them on a special support. Not the most expensive chimney set costs 4 - 5 thousand rubles. More expensive, decorated with woodcarving and stamping, will cost already 12 - 15 thousand rubles.

For storage it is desirable to get a shod drovnitsa from a fireplace of a stock of logs. Agree, the firewood put directly on a floor - not too attractive show in a country house.

If the fire chamber in a fireplace opened, then for protection against the taking-off sparks serves the folding screen - a screen (9 - 15 thousand rubles). Well and mechanical furs (3 - 6 thousand rubles) can be necessary for inflating of fire in a fire chamber.

But these expenses for the sake of are worth it that in the winter evening to get warm in a rocking-chair at the fireplace with a tube or a cup of hot chocolate, having covered with a favourite plaid.