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Magic of smells and aromas. For what and how it is used?

We live in the world of smells and aromas. Through a nose we inhale the air filled with millions of smells, on the nervous terminations signals from them reach our brain. Some of smells it are pleasant to us, and some cause fastidious disgust.

As smells influence the person

Very well about it M. E. Saltykov-Shchedrin wrote: “There are outlines, sounds, smells before caressing that the person obeys them absolutely mechanically, irrespective of consciousness. He does not analyze either the feelings, or the phenomena which generated these feelings and just lives, as fascinated, feeling as in its organism the joy flows“ .

Since the most ancient times people began to comprehend how smells can influence the person. The Supreme Egyptian priests, for example, knew that aromas and aromas influence human subconsciousness. They used this property for impact on mentality of people when holding cult ceremonies, and also in the medical purposes.

Many probably heard that the doctors living in Ancient Greece were able to make the diagnosis on a smell of a body of the patient. Monks of Tibet could learn about intentions of the person on what smell from it proceeds.

Impact of smells on an emotional condition of the person is big. The famous physiologist I. P. Pavlov in the works wrote that “smells operate associative thinking at people with sensitive alarm nervous system“. If you remember a rose smell, then it can cause pleasant memories of a bouquet of flowers, recently received from darling. The smell of an incense is associated with visit of church. The smell of tangerines at many at contacts approach of New Year`s holidays. Each smell causes deeply personal memoirs and associations in people.

Since the most ancient times the attention of people was drawn by essential oils . They can influence nervous system and emotions of the person, regulating his mental state. For example, their aromas promote activization or a relaxation of various parts of the nervous system that can help an organism to adapt to the changed conditions quicker.

There was a special science - an aromapsikhologiya which is engaged in studying of impact of natural aromas on mentality of the person. Modern people experience huge daily emotional strain. Naturally, not everyone has enough sincere forces and physical to cope with the experiences, emotions, concerns and fear. Here - that essential oils can also come to the rescue. They will help the person to keep composure heavy minutes of life. Experts - aromaterapevta can pick up composition from essential oils which suits only the specific person with his specific problems.

the Buyer “on a hook“ at aromas

Unfortunately, smells and aromas are not always used in the medical purposes. Many sellers, knowing that smells influence mentality of the person stronger, than visual advertizing, resort to different tricks.

Many confectionery shops and coffee institutions install special systems of aromatization which pump the warm air sated with smells of fresh pastries or fragrant coffee on the street. Passersby involuntarily involve a nose pleasant aromas, and in subconsciousness the thought creeps in: “But whether not to come into this tasty place to regale on pie and to drink hot to coffee“. Especially well this trap works in a cold season.

In trade there is very popular use of smells. Experts developed special bouquets of aromas for grocery supermarkets, shopping centers, shops of electronics etc. The idea consists in attracting buyers with uniqueness and the special atmosphere which are inherent only in this trade institution. Aroma distinguishes this shopping center from competitors and does it recognizable and popular among buyers. Such “aromatization“ of trade allows to increase sale of goods by 25 - 30%!

Aromas on service of criminalists

to Investigators should interrogate constantly defendants in communication by this or that business. Scientists are criminalists, remembering what smells and aromas is associative are connected with various experiences and life situations, solved: and whether it is impossible to apply smells at interrogations to influence subconsciousness of the defendant, and thus to gain his recognition in commission of crime?

As a result of long-term researches the special technique of preparation and carrying out such interrogations was developed. At first the information about the criminal gathered: especially were interested in its emotional characteristics, data on favourite spirits and perfume were got. Investigators tried to find out associative communication between obtaining “the fragrant proof“ and an event which is connected with it: for example, a favourite French perfume from the boyfriend, or a wedding gift with expensive cosmetics from future mother-in-law.

Interrogations were arranged in the evening. In an office there was very having situation: on a table of any protocols of interrogation, soft lateral light, phone is disconnected. In 15 minutes prior to interrogation the investigator sprayed woolen fabric favourite spirits or toilet water of the suspect and hid it under a table.

The person involved was entered into an office. He nestled on a chair, took a view of the room: nothing menacing, it is possible to relax, the nose pleasantly tickled familiar for a long time aroma. The investigator began interrogation with a preamble: reminded the defendant of antecedents, his family who trusts him and wait. Long-term practice showed that the familiar smell from antecedents repeatedly strengthened emotional influence of words of the investigator. The offender began to give truthful evidences. Interrogation was carried out within 2 - 4 hours.

Especially successfully women gave in to this technique of interrogations: 80% from them admitted commission of crime. At the same time none of interrogated guessed use of familiar smells in the interests of the investigation, but explained that admitted under the influence of the gushed memoirs from the pleasant past.

Smells and aromas are a powerful weapon of impact on subconsciousness of the person. Use it in the peace purposes and do not forget about “aromatic traps“ which sometimes arrange to you in the most unexpected places!