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About what your phone calls? The mobile phone as the instrument of success

is told much Now and written about spirits: “be adjusted on love“, “be adjusted on receiving money“ and so forth. But there is very easy way which we do not consider and, respectively, do not use. It is the mobile phone. Let`s consider how we can be helped by phone with this question.

What is adjust, it is it seems clear. When we go on some important meeting, we adjust ourselves definitely. What? It depends on a meeting. When I came in tax, I played all the time “little boy“ who knows nothing and in general is frightened: where it got. I was taken by some “aunty“ from tax “for the handle“, drove on offices, helped to fill the necessary pieces of paper and so on. Well helped. But for this purpose to be this “little boy“, I definitely adjusted myself.

It is an example of a short-term spirit. A spirit on a certain short event. Short time is simple to keep such spirit in memory while we need this image.

But there are events which to us are important in life constantly. Success, health, love and so on. It is difficult to keep a spirit on such global event in memory month, year, two. It is good “to stitch“ such spirit on a subcortex that our brain rendered us kind service and brought us to the necessary course. And here we are come to the rescue by the mobile phone.

How your mobile phone often calls? And what he at the same time sings? How often you hear words on your call? And how often they emerge in the head just like that, even when phone is silent? And what plays on your alarm clock? What awakes you in the mornings? And what is told by your phone when to you SMS came?

Instruments of success which we do not use or, what is more often we use all this to ourselves to the detriment.

For example, at the young man affairs are not got on with girls. It has no success in girls. It is possible to put on phone some melody like “Girl love me“, and after a while the situation will change. Through what time? Perhaps there will pass month, year can - it is necessary to look on a situation. And what at it costs on a call? Some “And you threw me“?

If you earn a little, then pick up something that will adjust you on the necessary harmony. What to you will help to earn more? When this formula registers in a brain subcortex, you automatically will begin to do actions which will bring you into the necessary course. And about what your phone calls?

Or an alarm clock with words: “You today the most successful, you today best of all will make the affairs“ or something in this spirit. It is a good morning spirit per day and if it says a tender gentle voice, then it also is pleasant. Such call on an alarm clock sounds every day, and moreover, it also sounds on border of a dream and reality when the person wakes up. This very powerful tool for a spirit on success. But the usual alarm clock stirs up the person so more often that it goes all day antsy.

Or, for example, to you many SMS comes, and you constantly lose sight of something or go with a sour mine and from you all jump aside. What here success when the person at the sight of your person runs away. In that case it is possible on a signal of SMS to put “Smile!“.

If to think, then it is possible to use this tool quite effectively. The benefit, is a lot of songs and it is simple to use editors of a sound now. Cut out to yourself what most of all approaches in your situation, and load into the phone.

Progress to you and successful experiments!