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Whether it is worth paying for elections?

Why entice us at elections by cheap beer, hot hotdoga, and some even try to interest us financially. And what so take care of the 100th protsetny appearance, want to capture all and all? Really someone so is concerned about will of the people? Or pursues the aims. Really from us something is necessary to them it that we have, and they want to catch it? Or perhaps give on the contrary - we will pay them and we will take away IT to ourselves?

“Cannibals love spineless“...

In free schools, kindergartens, hospitals nobody entices us. We respect people capable to pay for ourselves and we respect those to whom we pay. And from the paid doctor we expect more, than from free.

No, seriously, let everyone a little bit will pay, we will tell only ONE thousand rubles. Here you come to the polling precinct, you are marked out in the magazine and buy the bulletin for 1 thousand rub. You go to a cabin and you note in the bulletin to what candidate of party you give the vote and this one thousand rubles. And all!

Present that will be created on the polling precinct at counting of votes. All observers from all candidates and their parties, and also all authorities and voters will run together. Yes at the chairman the hand will not be raised to swindle. One business some illusory voices which and to garble that not a sin, and another - real money for which reassignment it is possible and to end up in jail. And it will be unprofitable to throw a pack of bulletins.

One problem: the chavs will not go to elections . And that whole one thousand! Almost swill box. And it is necessary to us? Forgive the brother - the candidate - from - chavs. The man you to see, good yes to pay for you well in any way. But some from the consciousness remains all are will save on vodka, can who in general will stop drinking - and that advantage. And any infringement in electoral rights: hand over glassware and vote. It is a pity to spend for elections - that means not really and it is necessary. Plus all in great need in money will be able to be earned. Now to bribe the voter it will be necessary to pay in addition him still this one thousand rubles. And it shast in bushes and to celebrate with this money.

And parties will be delighted - free grandmas for party needs appeared further. In total - dependence on the capital is less. And their rating will be designated more accurately.

Yes the elected deputy - the president will cease to go bananas from the uncontrolled power. We will ask it - where our good roads, answer us we paid?. And he will tell - a fico to you, but are not expensive. We will ask - where warmly in houses? - There is no An. And et an otkudova at you the new yacht? A gift, you speak, admit from whom and for what. Nobody such gifts does something to us. Well, then give - the friend, climb up. We not dumb cattle, but the worthy voters who took place citizens. We are capable to pay and defend for ourselves the money, and with them and the rights.

And to all of us will give of an honorary title “Voter“ and will issue the colorful reference. With this reference we will be able to address in state institutions on reception officials without turn. Well or “first of all“, if suddenly we appear much.

Now most of the people is patient - inertly and has congenital fear of the power. Social passivity of the Russian civilization was cultivated for centuries. The horde, destruction of manumissions of Novgorod and Pskov, an absolutism of the imperial power, a serfdom, red dictatorship resulted in passivity of Slavs at the gene level. Can though we will reach for the ruble ?

All free is not appreciated, and degrades over time, and we pay for free elections in unworthy life. Let`s make our choices worthy elections, can at us the worthy state will turn out . Well - to submit the constitution here!