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The resort of Rasseyka of

the Resort Rasseyka of
With prompt development of highways and the come crisis more and more people decide to spend the holidays in the native land on the bank of the Black Sea, namely in the resort of Raseyka which is in the village Rasseyka, of Odessa region, Tatarbunarsky district

the Resort around is surrounded with lakes and the estuary. On the one hand there is a lake Sasyk, with another - Dzhantsheyskoye`s lake, with the third - Shagana`s estuary the received status mezhnarodno - water grounds and is the naybolshy value of the district. Lakes and estuaries are the place of nesting of such birds as pelicans of ducks of seagulls of swans.

In the resort there are more than 50 recreation facilities, and the sea braid together with the beach stanovit 50 kilometers and width of 300 meters. Many ways at the sea from bases conduct via bridges so-called layings assumption of 20 - 50 meters from which it is possible not only to observe animals on the lake, and and it is good to fish. Here it is possible to catch a crucian, a carp, a bull-calf, the rudd. By the experience I will tell that fish is the is best of all here it is caught on corn

the estuaries and lakes Surrounding the resort of Rasseyka are a habitat and reproduction of many bird species among which there are swans pelicans of a seagull. Clean air and warm sea water promotes fast restoration of forces. The Otdalenost from the noisy megalopolis does not mean that there is no civilization in the territory of the resort there are many shops of bars of cafe of discos. Night club“ Rif “of

of Rif became the real find for youth on Rosseyka the whole summer since the beginning of June works and up to the end of August. Among eminent guests of club DJ Maniak, Viva Dior, Foil, Ivan Rise, Laka and many others. Every week Pena - Parti, and every weekend a striptease gets a job in club. Entrance price 5o hryvnias.

Dobratsya to the resort it is possible:

a minibus “Odessa - Seaside“ which goes about “Supply“, about 4 hours; With Tatarbunar a minibus about 1 hour,
the transport can be reached in 2 hours on a highway Odessa - Rennie: Odessa - Beacons - Monasha - Sarata - Tatarbunara - Over the river - the Estuary - Seaside - Rasseyka.
In the territory of the resort of Rasseyka is such recreation facilities:
Recreation facility “Ali - the woman“
the Recreation facility “Weeds“
Recreation facility “Slavutich“
Dvina Boarding house
Recreation facility “Stork“