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How to force money to work?

the Human body is arranged very rationally, it develops to the maximum what is often and actively used, and deprives of forces what seldom joins in activity. Energy in human business goes only on what works. What is not used - will gradually atrophy … let`s try to present to

two things Now: the first that the Universe is not less rational, than separately taken organism, and the second that money is not material object, but energy.

From these positions presence or absence at separate individuals of finance becomes much more clear and harmonious.

Hardly anyone - that will argue that a seat for hours on a sofa with the panel from the TV - a thing for “trunk“ not really useful. To press a finger the button, it is necessary for energy on a minimum. And every time becomes more difficult to be torn off itself from soft pillows - there is no energy in a body. Left. And a bit later with it, perhaps, both the wife, and even a cat left … There is no energy - there is no attraction. And appeared saltso on sides is not a sign of health in any way.

The money lying in a stocking is a person on a sofa. They are static. In them there is no force. They attract nothing to themselves. They just “lie“. Banal accumulation of money is similar to accumulation of fat on sides - in it there is no health.

We will rock a pendulum: the person seized upon sport. “I will become a champion! I will tear all!“. The organism passes through itself incredible amount of energy, spends it without being sorry. Result: at best - for the next day delayed onset muscle soreness and the shivering hands and legs. In the worst - the broken muscles, the displaced vertebras and other changes.

Large sums of the money which is hazardously started in a turn in a casino and various funds with big percent - set too high traffic of energy, and through a short period of energy to money becomes insufficiently. There is a power, and then and real bankruptcy. Financial delayed onset muscle soreness.

The most optimal variant of physical trainings is a study of all groups of muscles the most various exercises. At someone to easy fatigue. At someone to “I cannot + once more any more“. The main thing - to pump over not only legs, but also the case, not only hands, but also a back, not only a neck, but also a press. The organism has to be in dynamics, work, receive loadings. Then to have a rest from one tension and to include others. In this case energy “gets used“ to be banished constantly through a body, in an organism there are no places zastoyev, everything works harmoniously and accurately. The fat leaves, the muscle accrues, and the easy fatigue adds feeling today that you are living, and tomorrow - slightly more energy, than forces to come yesterday.

Money has to work. It is desirable to work in several directions at once. Something was put in bank on the deposit, something was spent for precious metals, with some sums (why is not present?) played on the stock exchange, put something into circulation in the business, spent something for pleasures and entertainments. But fluidity has to be a constant. Only this way in money energy which, in turn, attracts other money remains constantly and increased greatly. “The muscle accrues“.

The training person always knows for what he goes to classes. Would he like to pump up a biceps and to strike with summer of little girls a beautiful figure whether he wants to get rid of back pains, or just to keep an organism in a tone to feel fresh - the purpose is always clear. If there is no purpose - there is no motivation, there is no motivation - there is no energy. There is no energy - there are no trainings. Training has to bring pleasure, but at the same time cannot be training for the sake of training. Training is means for achievement of a specific goal.

The person making money has to understand what he will spend them for. To spend money - it is very important. It is necessary to get used and be able to spend. And to derive from it pleasure. And not to be afraid to spend gradually slightly more as the athlete is not afraid to give himself gradually the increasing loading. A question in “gradualness“. In this case there will be always enough energy.

But, once again, money always has to have a purpose . Some specific goal or unattainable dream - it is unimportant. Money - means. And accumulation / earning money for the sake of money - is also ridiculous, as well as training for the sake of training.

So: we form the purposes and let`s go on training …

In my opinion, so …