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The appeal of Bulldozer drivers of Russia to Bolotnaya Square of

We, Bulldozer drivers of Russia, sitting on the bulldozers, with bitterness we note that the situation in the country begins to change in the worst for us, bulldozer drivers, and for all others the party.
of the Small group of people, never operating bulldozers, gather on the Bolotnaya Square and want there something to mess up. We these people do not see
as we are busy constantly in three changes by the work on alignment of all country. But at meeting we about them were told, and we, naturally, were indignant at once. And here ours the resolution which we ask to publish in all mass media, especially in the Zhizn newspaper over which we glance during smoke breaks.
“We, Bulldozer drivers of Russia, will not read Akunin and Ulitskaya`s book any more. After they, having received the royalties in the American Embassy, betrayed our great Homeland on the Bolotnaya Square, these, if one may say so scribblers, for us do not exist any more.
We, Bulldozer drivers of Russia, do not wish to watch on TV transfers of Parfyonov throwing mud at our great past. We could roll up in asphalt of this talker the caterpillars. And still we will roll up if it does not cease to go to the Bolotnaya Square every time after visit of the American special receiver and receiving thirty silversmiths there.
We, Bulldozer drivers of Russia, refuse to repair roads on which such American agents as Nemtsov, Kasyanov and Ryzhkov move. Or let go on off road terrain, or umatyvat in the Pindosiya.
We not only Bulldozer drivers of Russia, but also members of the Popular front. Therefore if it is required, we are ready to put for the bulldozers easy and even heavy arms in caliber to 72 and to carry all these agents of influence together with their Bolotnaya Square to the devil`s grandmother!
We, Bulldozer drivers of Russia, can press the bulldozers all Russia from Kaliningrad to Magadan and back. We - force which will be stopped only by lack of diesel fuel and at the wrong time the given salary.
I we demand to stop Bolotnaya Square lawlessness, otherwise we will be on the bulldozers there and we will bring order very quickly and exactly there“.
the Resolution is adopted unanimously at meeting of all Bulldozer drivers of Russia in the Grand Kremlin Palace and written down by the chairman of labor union of bulldozer drivers Ivanov V. P.