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Rome. What first impression is made by the capital of Italy? There are no

In Rome of sights. Rome - one big, continuous, concentrated sight. Having stuck practically into any corner, you find some one - two - thousand-year antiquity.

Certain columns, pilasters, beznosy / armless / headless sculptures suddenly come up in the most unexpected places, extending images of Spartak, Jupiter, Caesar and a little bit the goddess Juno around... What in any other city would be the central show with the national track trodden to it here zashtatno becomes dusty, poorly lit with a casual lamp and carelessly fenced with a small fence... Narrow paved small streets could transfer easily you at the time of inquisition if it was not necessary to be pressed in walls so often...

In Rome do not drive cars. In Rome by cars fly. If it is about the route, then taxi drivers, it is weakened singing itself under a nose and sticking with hands into different Vatikana / Colosseum, imperceptibly gather the speed of 170 km/h, doing the passengers gray-haired and odorous. On close lanes of the city where couple of people who are meeting halfway will surely adjoin hands, quick old women in helmets on the moped rush with a speed of a big-eared lizard, dexterously maneuvering between crazy tourists.

In Rome do not get into cars. Rome pulls cars on itself as a diving suit. The most part of transport are smarts, minikuper and their two-wheeled brothers. All of them - are small and mad. I as the doctor tell it to you. Even regular buses and those remind not transport more, and the dwarfish transparent begemotik which slightly had a bite citizens and now promptly fleeing to a watering place.

Lenny resounding, provincial narrowness and rural tranquility of cobbled small streets suddenly, but are constantly and shamelessly broken buzzing Karlsonami on various nano - cars. It creates surprising contrast of tranquility and madness and engenders resistant readiness for adventures in soul.

If in Paris in the evenings where went, the beam of the Eiffel Tower flashes everywhere, then in Rome where you were, each five minutes it is distributed howl sirens. When these mad a pilikalok it is not heard longer than twenty minutes, you begin to worry that happened. With we howl all who can go: carabineers, financial police, ambulance, firefighters. Such feeling that it is considered very bad form if you have a flasher with a siren, and you go in silence... And in general, in one country where we were, including Russia, such number of peace officers did not meet. However, all of them are surprisingly friendly and all (how many we tried) quite tolerably speak in English.

When your obedient servant rose on viewing Kiev and admired the gold onions of domes winking on the sun, it seemed to it that there are more churches, than in the capital of Ukraine, just is not. He was mistaken.
In Rome temples - behind any corner. And in literal sense. Nearly every quarter own trunk with religion has the cities. At the same time on an external physiognomy of Catholic church it is absolutely impossible to foresee how tremendous it will appear inside... Especially as at our orthodox look, the majority of the Roman churches in a face are identical as Chinese... But the anatomy practically in everyone - is various and unimaginably magnificent.

One more surprise from Rome: if other European cities live in the mode power - economy - at one o`clock in the morning turn off all illumination etc. in Rome not only all the time burns light, but also thousands of big and small fountainlets round the clock murmur. At the same time, all water rather tasty. Speak, in many points she still does not know water pipes as flows on ancient aqueducts...

Objectivity for the sake of should recognize that there is in Rome a couple of defects. The first is a lack of trees and other greens on streets. Of course, dark-haired fans of macaroni as can compensate this gap by the lawns which are grown up on roofs and balconies and also the flora in tubs thrust into a patio. But also that and another is inaccessible to looks of the walking tourists - entrances all on coded locks, court yard - behind gate therefore it is a little bit sad. Well and the second trouble - as a result of the first - the smog hanging over the city.

Summary: to go undoubtedly and unambiguously, having removed plans for visit of all other cities aside. Because Rome is a mood, emotions and beauty...