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Grinding tool: types and application of

very many various artificial and natural abrasives are known Now, however very first the stone appeared nevertheless. And grinding development began with that moment. Today it is very difficult to overestimate the importance of this process. The grinding tool can be used also in house conditions, and in the industry.

All grinding tools are classified on tapes, circles and cars. Each of types of the tool is used depending on type of works. Let`s consider in details each grinding tool.

Types of grinding tools

the Grinding wheel represents an expendable material which is used for abrasive processing and sharpening of surfaces from metal, a tree and a stone. This material can be applied both on floor, and on manual machines.

The Bakelitovy sheaf gives the excellent chance to work with a surface of marble, granite, limestone, sandstone. Along with it, these circles are suitable for polishing of a brick, concrete and cast iron. The grinding wheel on a ceramic sheaf is characterized by the increased productivity, a wide scope and long service life. Surfaces which are processed by such circle possess quite low roughness. Circles on a vulkanitovy sheaf most often apply to final processing of a surface and also to execute polishing of metals.

The grinder it is specially intended for processing of flat surfaces of designs, and also details from metal, wood and steel. Tapes for polishing consist of the fabric, paper or combined basis, and also the abrasive material applied on it.

Most often as abrasive material apply synthetic abrasives which differ in the increased hardness and are more effective. Carry zirconium oxide, silicon carbide to these abrasives. However it is necessary to tell that absolutely quite often use also abrasives of a natural origin. Carry a natural abrasive to the most widespread grinding materials - corundum.

Features and kinds of grinders

It is known that such grinding tool as the grinder, is intended for polishing, cleaning, and also alignment of various surfaces. The purposes of further use exert direct impact on a design, power and equipment of the grinder. Now there are about nine types of grinders, each of which has own systems of polishing and certain tasks.

The modern tool used for cutting of fragile and very solid materials are diamond disks. The most often diamond disks use for work with a brick, concrete, glass, slate, ceramics etc. The diamond grinding tool differs in special hardness.

The basic rules of use of grinding electric tools

Any electric tool demands careful observance of rules of operation. Besides, it is necessary for achievement of maximum efficiency will learn to use grinding tools competently. For this reason before beginning to work with any grinding equipment it is necessary to follow a number of important rules when using electric tools:
- just before operation will important carefully check safety of a network cable, safety of the tool and a plug fork;
- after turning on of the device is important to wait for installation of a stationary operating mode;
- indoors with the increased humidity cannot use this tool;
- in the course of work is not recommended to put the big pressure upon abrasive materials;
- asbestos materials cannot be processed;
- in the course of work should hold the grinding tool with two hands;
- the grinding electric tool can be used only in those spheres for which it is intended.

If carefully to follow all these simple rules and recommendations of the producer, it is possible to ensure high-quality functioning of the tool. Thanks to processing of a surface the grinding tool guarantees an ideal form.