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Alexander Gerchik`s revelation

of the Guru of trading and mega the Wall Street star, the famous lecturer on dy to trading in the American stock market Alexander Mikhaylovich Gerchik answered questions which interest all sceptics.

Correspondent: there are several incidents concerning your reputation
[31. 01. 2012 11:13:48] Mikhail: at all seminars you say that in 21 years there was a car for the 100th yew. dollars, - an incident the first is that on your website in 21 years 1993 you only graduated from technical school.
- an incident of the second at the American forum napimat that you lost a lot of money and began to pass lectures to the CIS countries to give
- to it why your share in holld brazers is redeemed.... comment. Why?
. Answer of AM of Gerchik:
[31. 01. 2012 15:53:11] alex: vo pervih na site takogo net
[31. 01. 2012 15:53:29] alex: tehnikum ya zakonchil v 1990 godu
[31. 01. 2012 15:54:00] alex: vopros k vam
[31. 01. 2012 15:54:34] alex: ya ughe 20 raz pokazival v internete svoi statementi
[31. 01. 2012 15:54:54] alex: i mne esli chestno absolutno vse ravno shto obo mne pishut ili govoryat
[31. 01. 2012 15:55:07] alex: ya znau shto mne govoryat moi studenti kotorie zarabativaut dengi
[31. 01. 2012 15:55:27] alex: to shto pishut trolli v internete mne absolutno naplevat na eto
[31. 01. 2012 15:55:55] alex: [12:38:45] chumachenko Sergey: Hello Aleksanlr Mikh. here after courses trade went with a bang I trade in Fyyuch. RTS in 3 days of 11 transactions from them the 8th positive a result +48tys

[31. 01. 2012 15:56:20] alex: Alexander Mikhaylovich! Many thanks for your courses, is a pity that today the last day. I am better than anything never heard, you and the good trader - the practician, the excellent mentor and the excellent psychologist. It is a pity what even in educational institutions of such people can be counted on fingers. You speak often - thanks is not necessary. It is necessary, I understood a lot of things, in December I heard from you about algorithm and made it, as a result December, January I just ceased to lose, but there was a problem where to enter and as. Now you explained all this, in particular what has to be planned coefficient profit / risk, a stock of the course and as it is better to leave that at me was an obvious problem.
[31. 01. 2012 15:57:08] alex: Never justify. Your friends do not need it, and enemies all the same will not believe.
Elbert Hubbard
[31. 01. 2012 15:57:14] alex: [11:04:33] Irina Bakalova: Alexander Mikhaylovich, good morning! (coffee) U me, unfortunately, will not turn out to arrive today on a visit. But another time I promise 100%.
[11:04:54] of alex: ploho
[11:05:13] Irina Bakalova: itself was upset :(
[11:08:14] Irina Bakalova: appreciate my last transaction of KMP of a shortanul from level on Friday.
[12:54:31] of alex: prishlui kartinku
[12:59:23] *** Irina Bakalova sent KMP. jpg ***
[12:59:49] of alex: prosto super krasivo.... mega
[12:59:57] alex: poshli mne na email
[13:00:00] alex: agerchik@gmail. com
[13:00:10] Irina Bakalova: WELL WHO LEARNED (flex) THAT))))))))) :)
[13:00:25] of alex: mne ochen priyatno
[13:00:27] alex: umnichka
[13:05:02] Irina Bakalova: sent. but there for some reason it is badly visible.
[13:06:17] of alex: normlano
[13:06:18] alex: umnichka
[13:06:21] alex: kak voobshe rezultati
[13:11:23] Irina Bakalova: from January, 2011 to the current January, 2012 in plus and gross there are also no the whole months. krome1 and that there - 8 itself it is guilty wanted to earn more.) ))) and so in 12 months 11 in plus and gross is also not present.
[13:12:05] Irina Bakalova: December and January traded already on 200, now to pass quarrystone on 300.
[13:13:02 | Are changed 13:13:30] Irina Bakalova: figures of course ridiculous))) but I do not pursue money, process is pleasant to me))))
[13:18:08] Irina Bakalova: Alexander Mikhaylovich, I ran on affairs. It was pleasant to chat! (hug)
[31. 01. 2012 15:57:28] alex: [10. 10. 2011 19:25:25] DA DA DA: I noticed that I became quieter waiting for signals. In the first days tried to enter everything, not to ochet even accurate, and now I wait only for ideal.
System works faultlessly. The more I check schedules of different tools, the more I find ideal entrances. It is necessary just to wait for them and not to try to think up the additional reasons for the transaction. Yesterday got into the schedule of Aeroflot (we about did not talk on the plane). There was such beautiful entrance yesterday & ndash; the buyer bought up 2 hours on 50,30. It was possible to come safely on 50,32 and to put stop on 50,29. And then it shot to 50,92. A ratio risk / profitability 1 to 20. And I earned from fyyucha of a sber, dollars/rub and silver

yesterday [29. 09. 2011 14:48:07 | DA DA DA Are changed 14:48:26]: yes, in such difficult business without skilled mentor & ndash; it is very heavy
[29. 09. 2011 14:49:19] DA DA DA: I fight 4 years almost on one revenge, and here several days ndash also communicated to you; it seems as removed a bandage from eyes
[29. 09. 2011 15:07:47] alex: videsh kak zdorovo
[29. 09. 2011 15:07:51] alex: u tebya est odin +
[29. 09. 2011 15:07:54] alex: znaesh kakoi?
[29. 09. 2011 15:08:27] DA DA DA: what?
[29. 09. 2011 15:11:19] alex: ti verish mne i umeesh sluishatsya
[29. 09. 2011 15:11:30] alex: eto nazivaetsya odnim slovom adekvat.....
[29. 09. 2011 15:14:05] DA DA DA: about to obey also ndash; because I trust you. And differently there would be no obedience
[29. 09. 2011 15:18:57] alex: pochemu ti reshil i kogda reshil shto mne moghno verit?
[29. 09. 2011 15:30:44] DA DA DA: when 1 - y time saw your seminar on the Internet & ndash; very much your approach to a treydng was pleasant. Informsation for me was new, but very interesting. At first also ndash did not go in; as it is possible to look through several thousands of schedules by preparation for the working day. ndash decided to make experiment also; came on financial visas, put the filter & ndash; the stocks NYSE with an average turn not less than 200 t. actions. About 1800 shares were received. I checked each schedule, at first speed was not high, then quicker. About 4 - x left hours on it. Began to notice regularities & ndash; about 90% are very similar to the movement S & P. And the others draw very beautiful and powerful movements. I understood that it is very interesting and decided to arrive to you on the next seminar behind experience. And in the first day of communication with you & ndash; understood that did not make the wrong choice, and at once believed each your word, and at once tried to put the knowledge then gained into practice. That`s all.

[03. 10. 2011 14:14:07] DA DA DA: Good afternoon, Alexander Mikhaylovich! Transactions were not today yet. I ambush also ndash; I wait for formation of levels, there were no signals yet.
[31. 01. 2012 15:57:32] alex: eto tak dlya tebya
[31. 01. 2012 15:57:37] alex: ne dlya publiki......
[31. 01. 2012 15:59:20] alex: zachem
[31. 01. 2012 15:59:23] alex: eto dlya tebya
[31. 01. 2012 15:59:26] alex: shto bi ti poveril
[31. 01. 2012 15:59:29] alex: Never justify. Your friends do not need it, and enemies all the same will not believe.
Elbert Hubbard
[31. 01. 2012 15:59:39] alex: zachem mne komu to shto to dokazivat?
[31. 01. 2012 15:59:47] alex: komu nado pridet na kursi a komu ne nado ne pridet

[31. 01. 2012 16:02:52] alex: pomoch vsegda
[31. 01. 2012 16:02:57] alex: ti sam videsh shto ludi pishut
[31. 01. 2012 16:03:08] alex: devochka za god imela 11 + mesyuatsev is 12
[31. 01. 2012 16:03:17] alex: vot luchshee dokazatelstvo dlya menya
[31. 01. 2012 16:03:52] Mikhail: to an otvetya please on such questions
[31. 01. 2012 16:04:01] Mikhail: why redeemed from you a share with hold brazers
[31. 01. 2012 16:04:03] Mikhail:?
[31. 01. 2012 16:04:33] Mikhail: many write WELL AS it was POSSIBLE to leave America?
[31. 01. 2012 16:04:49] alex: ya ne uehal
[31. 01. 2012 16:04:52] alex: u menya tam dom
[31. 01. 2012 16:04:54] alex: mashina
[31. 01. 2012 16:05:05] Mikhail: family?
[31. 01. 2012 16:05:11] alex: semiya so mnoi v moskve
[31. 01. 2012 16:05:17] alex: moi sin govorit na 3 yazikah
[31. 01. 2012 16:05:22] alex: ya strou fond.... vot i vse
[31. 01. 2012 16:05:35] Mikhail: [on January 31, 2012 16:04] Mikhail: