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How to cook a fish soup from a sushchik?

From dried smelts prepare fish soup which Karelians call a maymarok (maymarokka). Russians - to a maym soup. The classical recipe of fish soup from a sushchik - a cap (kab) Rocca - is provided in the famous book of R. F. Nikolskaya “The Karelian cuisine“.

On the ingredients these two dishes are almost identical. Both there, and there - small dried fish - the sushchik, potatoes, onions, is a little peppercorn and bay leaf. And here the technology of their preparation quite strongly differs from each other.

These differences seemed to me interesting. Here I also decided to tell about them in more detail.

The first. According to the recipe provided in Nikolskaya`s book, the sushchik otmachivatsya previously in cold water. According to Roza Fiodorovna, in this case fish boils soft better, and fish soup becomes more concentrated. The last, of course, only if fish to cook in the same water in which it was otmachivat. And so, in principle, it is also necessary to do.

In my opinion, in a preliminary otmachivaniye of fish there is the reason. we prepare for
On the same technology, for example, dried mushrooms. Preliminary soaking is demanded also by the same bean (haricot, peas). So in this preparatory technological operation there is nothing unusual.

However, when we cooked a mayma soup, the smelts was not presoaked previously. But it all - much more small than the same perch from whom, mainly, the sushchik also prepares. Perhaps, therefore 15 minutes of cooking without soaking, but taking into account preliminary drying (and it - too a way of heat treatment!) for smelts it is quite enough that it reached readiness?

The second. When cooking to a soup maym the smelts fall to water in which already previously 15 minutes potatoes cooked. I.e. this dish assumes that it is primary - vegetable broth, and dried fish prepares already in it, the following stage, then.

In a cap Rocca all exactly the opposite. At first 15 - 20 minutes on slow fire cook previously wetted sushchik and cleaned and potatoes cut with cubes are added to fish broth.

Technologically everything is justified. We did not clear the dried-up perch of a skin and scales. It is natural that its some part under the influence of the boiling water can separate in the course of cooking from fish and be let in free floating on broth. Therefore after fish of minutes 15 - 20 boils, her, by means of a skimmer, it is possible to take out from a pan, and liquid - to filter. All superfluous (scales, small stones of back and tail fins) will remain on a strainer, and in already pure broth after it begins to boil again, potatoes are put cut by segments (or cubes - as it is pleasant to whom).

On it, actually, differences between recipes come to an end. Also similarity begins.

Spices (peppercorn and bay leaf) are put in fish soup from a sushchik at the second stage. In a case about a mayma soup - right after added smelts to potato. In a cap Rocca the pepper and bay leaf get to a pan soon after potato. Right after it it is possible to taste broth on salinity. As a rule, in addition it is not necessary to prisalivat fish soup. Liquid quite has that salt which was in dry fish.

And in a mayma soup, and in a cap Rocca, after that as they will be poured on plates, surely add small cut onions. What too has the explanation. Dry fish soup - a seasonal dish. It prepares, as a rule, during the winter period of time. Just when our organism suffers a shortage of vitamins. And in their onions, especially groups B and C, it is quite enough. But here the trouble, at heat treatment the most part of vitamins collapses. Therefore they are also not necessary. Thermally - that … And so: crumbled swept and - in a plateau. And people - are full, and vitamins - are whole.

Well, and in conclusion, about volume the general that is inherent in any Karelian fish soup, regardless from what fish it is cooked - dry or fresh.

You remember after previously wetted sushchik boiled minutes 15 - 20, we got him from a pan and cooked potato already in one broth, without fish? You will not find it and in plates in which on top of fragrant liquid the crumbled onions already are a small fry.

Fish from whom fish soup is cooked in the Karelian houses is served on a table separately from its liquid component. At first all that is poured on plates is eaten, and after it the turn also reaches fish who usually costs on the center of a table on a big flat dish. Stretched from the place and took that, what is closer. Sorted it, and put stones and a skin with scales in already empty, released after fish soup plate.

And still the fish soup from a sushchik can cook not only on water, but also … On milk!

However, that the combination of fish and dairy products is one of characteristic features Finnish, and respectively, and close to it on spirit Karelian, kitchens, I already somehow told. As well as that in the north of Karelia the fish soup was usually cooked without potato, adding to it for density and satiety a flour podboltka …