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With whom actually management development Agencies compete?

the Existing and again arising agencies on development of management in the organizations have to consider the competition in a broader sense. Somehow me asked to be defined in positioning of our Agency in the market of consulting services, asking questions: “Who your competitors? What you see their position in the market? How taking into account a position of your competitors, you have to change, adapt and position the agency?“.

Discussion of competitors seemed to me quite strange. During it very few agencies were mentioned, even less from the called firms were though how many - nibud are known, - and most of competitors, one may say, were only at “the beginning of a way“.

Who dominates in the market?

to me were objected: if you have so few competitors, and available are so unknown and insignificant why you do not dominate in the market of consulting services?

My answer seemed to my interlocutors not absolutely typical: the market on management development, was claimed by me, contrary to all models of marketing - not the real competitive market.
Behind a small exception, agencies do not fight for dividing this market. They fight for creating it to convince the organizations of all forms of ownership to want to use their specific service - instead of to do nothing, or to make that it is necessary for them by own efforts.

In many cases in specific market “management development“ in the enterprises and the companies there are three opportunities for the choice: to use our services, to make it or at all to do nothing.
Thus, in many cases appear our main competitors at all not competing agencies, and potential consumers, the operating companies with which we “dream“ and we want is mutually advantageous to cooperate, i.e. the companies which we also want to convince of our “necessity“.

Strategy on the competition.

It means that strategy of all and each of agencies cannot be directed to the competition. Pursuing policy of aggressive marketing and calling into question competence of the rivals (and it is emphasized, the fact that in the market of “management of services“ there can be only owners of “unique“ technologies and techniques), we aggravate the main problem.
we Strengthen doubts the TOP - managers and specialists of the companies that such agencies in general can represent services which are necessary for them.

If we directly and indirectly drop a hint of doubt in ability of the problem companies (as our potential clients) to solve a problem of “creation of effective management“ without assistance, we thereby criticize their policy in the sphere of development of business and their ability it is correct to make decisions.
From the point of view of the analysis of a situation, it can be absolutely right, but from the point of view of marketing and the offer of our services we cut a bough on which we sit.