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Why I consider the upcoming elections of the president of Russia dishonest?

with a network and in mass media opposition began to reproach Recently that she already considers presidential elections dishonest though they did not take place yet. Really, how it is possible to consider elections dishonest in advance? You know that you will lose and in advance you prepare for yourself justifications?

In this article I will try to answer this question, relying on the personal experience.

So why I consider the upcoming elections dishonest:

1. Putin`s election on the third (actually the fourth) term does not contradict the Constitution letter, but, certainly, contradicts its spirit.

2. State Duma elections were followed by the record number of violations and additions. There are no bases to expect that the same people, except for those who were dismissed because of low result of “United Russia“ on the ancestral lands suddenly will see reason and will hold fair elections.

3. At us at work ALREADY hire “karuselshchik“. Numerous similar certificates from other enterprises and the organizations arrive.

4. Time allocated for propaganda in mass media is distributed between candidates extremely unfairly. Putin round the clock in each iron.

5. Did not assume before Yavlinsky`s elections though I have no doubt that it has no more marriage in signatures, than at Prokhorov. And more than 3 million which voted for Apple - rather convincing reason to register it the candidate for president.

6. Chairman of the CEC still “wizard“ Churov. Despite all protests of society.

It in brief. Now details.

Spirit of the Constitution

Yes, is written to Constitutions that “the same person more than two terms in a row cannot hold the president`s position“. “And at us - not in a row“ - as it is sung in one ridiculous animated film about the Crab and the Bumblebee. But tell, dear readers how you think why such norm is stated in the Constitution? That the power was replaced! It is a cornerstone of the democratic form of government! Whether the power in 2008 with arrival of the president Medvedev was replaced? Formally yes, but actually, already it is even obvious to the deaf, blind and mute person that is not present. Whether it will be replaced in 2012 with Putin`s return? Formally yes, but besides everything, to even very best devout supporters of Putin it is obvious that is not present. Putin operates Russia since August 9 (well, since December 31) 1999 till present. Without any breaks. Do not deny obvious, it is ridiculous.

Now about elections of 2011. I worked as the observer at 471 sites of the city of Moscow. I saw all with own eyes what I want to tell in more detail about.

the Narration how I worked as the observer at elections

Ya registered the observer from Apple together with my mother. We were trained in a staff of party and received instructions and forms of complaints. I prepared a video camera and the camera and with nervousness began to expect hour of X. We agreed with mother that she will be on duty from eight to three, and I from three - against the stop. The matter is that under the law of otodny party on a site there can be only one observer at the same time. And physically to sustain all day very difficult. By three o`clock I arrived on the site and at a threshold met mother. She was expelled. It appears, she found “streamlet“ and tried to stop it. The chairman right there called all members of the commission, declared vote for exile of my mother from a site for the actions preventing elections.

According to her story, since morning to observers did not allow to consider properly books with addresses of voters, vote began before 8:00 that is already violation of the law. The group of voters came in 5 minutes prior to opening and began to demand bulletins, reasoning with the fact that they are late for work. One even made scandal. From - for it all procedures before elections were undergone it is crumpled, however mother managed to notice that one of books is stitched suspiciously incorrectly and is not sealed. Holes are punched too close from edge and the band can be easily removed from them (so it is possible to add imperceptibly any number of sheets). The woman got this book - to the member of the commission sitting at a window. It in the list of addresses had a house No. 5 on 1 - mu to Horoshevsky Drive which is uninhabited. Mother was told that to this house a certain military unit is attributed. To this woman also stretched “ðó÷å¸åê“ - turn of young people with passports with a sticker “11“ in a red circle. And from a staff of “Yabloko“ to us SMS - ki constantly came with messages on “roundabouts“ and “streamlets“ and their identification marks among which there was also this. These children thievishly looked back showing the passport, received from the woman not only bulletins, but also a certain calendar card which was hidden right there in a pocket. Obviously, it should be shown to organizers of “streamlet“ for receiving money. Their data entered in this suspicious book. Most blank bulletins were received, certainly, by a little table at a window. My mother approached this woman and tried to photograph her. Did not manage even to get the camera, but as I was explained then by the chairman of the commission, it was removed for photography of the member of the commission with a close up.

Further I observed. The chairman constantly distracted me talk for life, took away far away from ballot boxes, blocked the review and applied all the rich arsenal of tricks that I did not notice stuffing. But we (my mother, I and the observer from the CPRF) considered each person entering on a site. We, of course, could be mistaken and not to notice someone. But could count someone several times as some people entered on 2 - 3 times. Some accompanied voting, and did not vote, nevertheless and they were included in our account. So our mistake is small, and it is rather even in the smaller party. By 20:00 we counted 861 persons who entered on a site (an appearance slightly less than 50%). How you think how many bulletins appeared in a ballot box? One thousand four hundred forty one! But also the streamlet and a throw to “swindlers and thieves“ appeared a little! They held us - observers - to 2 o`clock in the morning! Said that the territorial election commission does not take our protocol from 46% for ER! It is NECESSARY for THEM STILL! Sobyanin told 53%, means there have to be 53%. And they took away part of bulletins from other parties and put in a pack of “ER“. Directly on my eyes! Right there corrected figures in draft version of the protocol. If to open a package of bulletins from our site, then the thickest pack will appear... “Right cause“. Such bulletin lies from above! They did not work even to hide someone else`s bulletins inside, having made “doll“! I did not begin to protest, but fixed all outrage in the notebook. The matter is that in a staff I was told that at the moment in all Moscow there were units of observers that all are deleted even without the slightest occasion. And that it is necessary to receive the copy of the protocol by all means. And I its everything - waited. Can be thanks to it on our site results in the protocol at least coincided with results in SAS Vybory on the website of the CEC. So, at us on 471 - m a site at ER of 53% at an appearance of 72%, and on next 470 - m (through the street!) at ER of 19% at an appearance of 50%. Same houses, same inhabitants. and such “collisions“ only across Moscow - the car and the small cart!

But the most crushing argument - the general statistics on elections. Read Sergey Shpilkin`s articles in “Troitsk Option“ - there everything simply and it is very convincingly stated. Instead of Gauss`s distribution “Churov`s distribution“ - the proof of mass jugglings and additions appeared. I will tell Karuselshchiki`s


concerning “karuselshchik“ at once, I have no proofs. But told me these are people the competent, holding high positions in our organization and which are undoubtedly credible. Participants on meeting on Poklonnaya Gora were hired at us also. Payment of 3000 rubles. And promise “karuselshchik“ 10 000. Putin from the iron

Here everything is simple

- turn on the TV, radio, develop newspapers.

Other points also do not need explanations. I will tell only that I collected signatures for Yavlinsky personally and brought 100 pieces in a staff of Apple. People very much wanted to vote for it, and refusal in registration on the basis of “other violations“ is a spittle to them in a face.