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How quickly to be warmed in cold weather?

to Freeze and hurt - not really pleasant occupation. And that to avoid it and to keep health, I will list several checked ways to be warmed quickly or, at least, not to freeze. So, went:

1. Before going outside in cold weather, drink a mug of any hot tea. It is possible to strengthen it, having added small cut root of ginger and having squeezed out a little juice of a lemon or lime. Ginger kills all microbes already in an oral cavity and kindles fire in a body, and juice contains vitamin C which quite often is not enough in cold time.

Having drunk such tea, you will feel how heat spreads on all body. After that it is possible to go outside at once. Heat is provided! This way works and upon return home. If still to be wrapped up in a blanket, then the cold will disappear in only a few seconds. It is better not to use alcohol. It temporarily expands vessels at the expense of what the feeling of heat is created, but at the same time heatlosses become more. Also you should not go outside on a hungry stomach, energy in cold weather will be necessary more than ever.

2. Can be taken with itself a small thermos with hot tea and to be supported with it during a way. Then heat will be constantly supported. Or on the road to glance in cafe and to drink a tea cup.

3. In cold weather the main thing that legs and hands were in heat. If legs freeze, then the cold will quickly extend on all body. Instead of gloves it is the best of all to wear mittens - then fingers of hands will be warmed in addition the friend about the friend. And that did not blow, fill a t-shirt in trousers and warm a neck.

4. After a frost the hot bathtub can serve as the good warming means. And that to make it useful, it is possible to add sea salt and aromatic oil. The warming, improving bathtub will turn out.

5. On cold needs to move that blood circulated on all body. It is possible to be warmed in places of a big congestion of people much quicker. As people of a being warm-blooded, heat will extend even if all froze.


it is good to b to have special clothes for climbers or snowboarders. It is rather easy, but at the same time very warm and waterproof. And if sports style is not pleasant, it is possible to wear a layered clothing.

7. can use candles and aromalampy Houses. Candles will create the atmosphere of heat, and pleasant smells will make positive impact on all organism. From the warming essential oils it is possible to emit oil of cinnamon and a fir. And from anti-cold - oil of an eucalyptus, geranium, cedar and pine. It is still very important that the smell was pleasant, otherwise it will quickly bother and the due effect will not be.

8. One more way - before going outside, it is necessary to warm the body, having done easy exercises. Will be to make several squats enough, and you will already feel heat in all body.

9. In cold weather in general the good mood is desirable to get enough sleep and support. Then vital force will warm you despite everything.

Take care and put on always on weather!