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And in what myths about contact lenses you trust?

you never thought of that, scientific progress how far came? Scientists thought up some plenochka which are put on directly our gentle eyes and all allow to see unusually accurate and clear. Real fantasy, isn`t that so?

Not absolutely so. Already millions of people around the world use many years contact lenses. However similar devices were similar to absurd inventions of mad scientists just several decades ago. Now it is part of our daily reality.

Perhaps, in our consciousness those old prejudices which prevent to argue on advantages of this modern method of correction of sight objectively are still live. The person can reject what he does not understand.

So let`s eliminate gaps in our knowledge and we will dispel the most popular myths about contact lenses!

Myth 1. Lenses can get under an eyelid, on other side of an eyeball

Even to imagine terribly such picture! As them to vykolupyvat it from there? Fortunately, it will not be required to do it. For that simple reason that the lens cannot physically get “on that party“. You can even specially try to push it there - all the same nothing will leave. Eye anatomy such is. Alas, there`s nothing to be done.

Myth 2. Lenses are inconvenient in the course of carrying

Is honest? And you tried? So try and be convinced that it not so. It is quite probable that later some time you will even forget about this experiment because you will just cease to feel that a certain foreign matter is on your precious eyes. Lenses consist of the thinnest biological material which is without serious consequences perceived by an external cover of eyes and does not cause any inconveniences.

Myth 3. Lens - it an infection source for eyes

Is undoubted

, it is the truth. But only under one condition: before putting on, it is necessary to expiate carefully them in some mud bath that process of infection went for certain. As at observance of elementary rules of hygiene no infection threatens you. At least, from carrying lenses. But you wash hands before food, isn`t that so?

Myth 4. It is extremely difficult to look after lenses!

was Put on, worn, removed, washed, put in the container till the best times... Difficult? It is not more difficult, than care of points. Yes, it is necessary to look after them too. But if you wearily sigh, having only imagined a picture of washing of lenses, then and for you there is a decision - lenses of daily replacement. They do not need to be washed and to put accurately in the container. You will just throw out them in the evening in the next ballot box.

you Want to get lenses?

we Hope that you will not get under influence of dense ignorance and obscurantism any more. Nightmares with contact lenses in leading roles do not threaten you, and for certain to you the world around will want to seize the opportunity to see better, than it is available to you now.

Believe, the reality is much more more beautiful, than it seems to people sight shortcomings. So hands in legs - and to the ophthalmologist behind new impressions!