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Why to one person billions?


Very few people reflected that money is an equivalent of violation of balance of the nature and destruction of its creations. Minerals peat and coal are extracted, oil and gas from an earth subsoil are extorted, the wood, and from all this is thoughtlessly cut, production is made. Everywhere the equipment, nuclear and thermal power plants works, cars move, factory pipes smoke, the fulfilled liquid on the earth, to the rivers, to the seas, to oceans, at best in special settlers merges. All this bulky technological process conducting to planetary environmental disaster is urged to create material benefits to the person. Now we will stop for a minute and we will reflect and whether such huge destructive process is necessary to us? Perhaps, for happiness and evolution of the person it is enough to have moderate prosperity, and more important another - the pure earth, pure reservoirs and the clean air filled with aroma of the blossoming herbs.

There is a natural question - if such technological production is necessary for cultural life, creative development and evolution of the person, then why the person pe - reshyol all environmental standards, and threat to all live on Earth as a result hung? Probably the matter is that this huge destructive process, including creation of goods, has a money equivalent. Even the legalized system of money-making of money in its best manifestation called capitalism becomes obsolete. To replace capitalism there are more humane and progressive socialist systems with the centralized management and perfect ecological programs and some western countries, for example Sweden, go on this way. Then why leaders of our country chose other extreme which does not fit into a framework of human morals - “is feudal - criminal“ capitalism?

Perhaps, the reason is covered in the following - to keep and increase nakop - lenny the ruling cohort secretly gave to all “kinglets“ young and old including to “kinglets“ in a religious cloak, an absolute power in the ancestral lands itself also became the hostage of this criminal “freedom“. Exercising the power, certain grabbers passed all legal norms of human morals. They according to criminal schemes saved up milliard accounts in banks. The sane person will ask a question. Why to one person to have various palaces of fabulous cost and dollar mnogomit - liardny accounts in banks while most of people hardly make ends meet? Such riches if they are acquired in the injust way cause envy, hatred and damnations in people.

Even the fierce wild animal kills live individuals only to support himself and the posterity. While the imperious predators in a human appearance infected with an illness of money-making are not seen how becomes an inveterate drunkard, the country morally degrades and becomes extinct. In wealth they feel the superiority, force, the power and power. But whether these are true force, the power and power? Or in one mo - the cop everything will thaw as illusive happiness, and instead of it fatal payment will come. Life on Earth is an instant which the eternity follows.


Fear to lose, the fear of exposure, and also envy, damnations of the disadvantaged and humiliated destroy by

at grabbers serene rest and happiness. And still fatal payment will be knocked at a door sooner or later. If it comes during lifetime, then what heavy payment would not be, it will be easy in comparison with trouble which after death expects soul of the debtor at the bottom underworlds. But the most terrible, the disaster begins while the human soul shrouded in energy of money as if the huge black weight carries away defenseless soul down, in a gloom, in the bottomless depth of horrors and nightmares which similarity does not exist on Earth. Also there is no force that though for a second to stop or slow down this fatal movement down on the most terrible bottom underworlds.

In other world of soul, in another dimension and time terrible torments will be estimated not for years, but in the millennia until the drop behind a drop resolves, black fatal energy of material riches will thaw. On Earth, during lifetime of people it can be exempted from terrible “weight“ if distributes to persons in need the money acquired in the injust way. But it is better if encloses them in development of the high culture ennobling human morals and expanding consciousness of the person and society. In this case, when the death hour the released soul will come similar to a white angel will shoot up up to the light worlds of purity and serene happiness.