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How to choose the style? To lovely ladies on a note of

the Concept “style“ comes from “stylus“ - the name of the stick pointed since one end to which ancient Greeks wrote on cerated plates. Each copyist had the handwriting, the manner therefore over time the word “style“ began to call features of the letter - at first external, going from a tracing of letters, words, and then and those which characterized contents, sense of written.

Style in clothes is formed by creation of an image by the fashion artist, sometimes imposed by culture, an era. The fashion cannot be compared to style at all. The fashion can change every day, style has the firm lines.

Sometimes style is connected with age - youth, with nature of work - business, sports, strict. Rather recently there was a vanguard style providing sharp paints and forms, unusual breed, an unexpected combination of invoices. Modern fashion designers successfully combine fur and lace, skin and a fine fabric. Romantic style informs us of a youth charm, grace, grace. Forms are easy also vozdushna, there are a lot of folds, tucks, flounces, frills, ruches. Not without reason this style is considered a feminity standard.

Throughout life each person creates the style which suits it. Someone carries a certain set of jewelry, “the“ additions, “the“ footwear, someone adheres to one color gamut.

How to choose the style? How to emphasize the identity? Often the woman follows “shout“ of fashion, without noticing at all that this modern thing to it does not go at all. It is necessary to learn to estimate whenever possible more objectively himself, the merits and demerits.

Style just also is in revealing what does the woman unique, attractive. We live in such century where mixture of styles is not considered shameful, but this mixture should not go beyond a certain framework. Not to be ridiculous, it is possible to adhere to councils of the designer. To have, for example, several main things and to combine them with other, successfully picked up for subject, color.

Chanel style became classics of the XX century. The French designer presented to women a short hairstyle, trousers, a direct skirt, “a small black dress“, a sweater, a beach suit, laid the foundation of modern costume jewelry. Chanel`s style is a functionality, convenience and an elegant practicality. The luxury in its understanding is a perfection of lines and forms, simplicity and sense of proportion, grace. Therefore this style suits many women of the most different age.

You will not be mistaken if you choose a classical suit which approaches for daily socks and serves as a sure bet of clothes for holidays. It is almost ideal for each figure.

At the choice of clothes style it is important to consider not only a concrete situation and a role which you should execute in it, but also features of the character, appearance, a manner to behave - the word, style of the personality. Only in this case the clothes will become part of yours “I“, will give feeling of comfort and own appeal, so the feeling of harmony, security and confidence in the forces will never abandon you.