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And you know why girls love flowers?

miracle curative properties of chrysanthemums Can sing laudatory odes infinitely long.

It is possible without ceasing to sigh and sigh over beauty of violets.

It is possible to admire amazingly “professional“ smell of roses tirelessly.

And it is possible to learn why girls love flowers actually .

All above-mentioned properties of flowers bring esthetic pleasure and strengthen thin psychological relations of women with the finest creations of the nature.

But it not the most important.

Madam Istoriya who for a start will answer a question will help to get to the bottom of a question essence to us:

“As lived women in primitive society?“

“Disgustingly!“ - the witness to those sad events contemptuously frowned.

In those ill-fated times laws of rigid patriarchy reigned. Men occupied the dominating niche in development of tribes, got food, protected the territory and sexually exploited women.

Women, in turn, were obliged to conduct economy and to raise children.

Despite the merits, women were considered as people of “the second grade“ and ate by the residual principle. Imagine: after successful hunting of the man could eat all got food and of nothing to leave to mothers of the children!

Often came back to cold time of the man empty-handed. The frozen and angry hunters of

of “housewives“ could eat easily!

the Winter for women at that time was the most dangerous period.

They could meet the death at any time. Either for hunger, or from hands of the tribespeople. They had to hide.

But at that time Earth differed in extremely warm climate, the winter quickly passed.

From the beginning of spring blossoming of the man collected the first fruits of “underfoot abundance“ and brought them to women.

It could mean only one: now it is enough food, of women is will not become any more .

So still for a long time the flower for the girl is


a life symbol!

Please with magnificence of flowers of the relatives, dear “hunters“!

Start up flowers will decorate your house with abundance of paints, and a face of darling - a joyful smile!

Do not miss chance to show chosen that you appreciate it that happiness which it brings you!