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How the love becomes hatred or Why executed Anna Boleyn?

Ordinary statement: “There passed the love, faded tomatoes, sandals press, and to us not on the way …“. Still more often than to hear this statement, it is necessary to watch disorder of marriages which consisted on the most, apparently, sincere and passionate love.

Everything comes to an end with stains with a ware beating, the section of slippers and terrible scandals, mutual recriminations of spouses in all mortal sins. At the same time, at a marriage, they adored each other and were ready to swear that their love - eternal.

So where it leaves, this “eternal“ love? Why it turns out not such and eternal how we would like? And why it happens what the love not just leaves, but it is replaced not only mutual hostility, and even by hatred?

Take seat more conveniently, and I will tell you the fairy tale about the Cinderella. But not about that where “lived long and happily“, and absolutely - absolutely another.

So, once upon a time there was a Cinderella, also called her Anna. Anna`s mother was a daughter of the duke of Norfolk, and here the father was not especially notable so blue blood was impaired fairly a little. But not too notable Thomas Boleyn had obstinacy of a ram, a grasp of a bull terrier and cunning of a fox. He was sufficiently clever and could make court career. Children are two daughters, Maria and Anna, and the son George - got the excellent education corresponding to the father`s ambitions.

Twice Anna was going to be married, but both marriages fell apart. For the first time - from - for unwillingness of the girl, second marriage did not take place from - for interventions of the king. Yes, the “poor“ Cinderella, the daughter of not too notable father, the king of England, Henry VIII Tudor noticed.

The normal Cinderella would be in the seventh heaven. But Anna was a Cinderella atypical and did not hurry to rejoice. Impudently returned the king`s gifts, on letters, sometimes, did not answer - that at all was unprecedented. Actually, it can be understood, the king was married.

But as it became clear, not only all age, but in general anything, especially are obedient to love if the king loves. Without having an opportunity to get a divorce by means of the Pope, the king suspended relations with the Roman church, declared himself the head of church of England and Vera`s Defender, marriage with Ekaterina Aragonskaya, the native aunt, by the way, of the emperor of the Sacred Roman Empire Charles V, was declared invalid, and the daughter Maria born in this marriage, bastardy. And, without paying attention to Charles V`s discontent, the Pope and all Europe, Henry VIII married Anna Boleyn in 1533. The Cinderella became a queen.

However, happiness was short. Already on May 19, 1536 the queen Anna was executed on a charge of high treason, and also in an adultery to the king. Marriage was declared invalid (the king already knew how it becomes), and the daughter Elizabeth from the successor of a throne turned into a bastard as before - Maria.

And here question: why so occurred? Where the love of the king disappeared? He long looked after the stubborn beauty, gave gifts, even wrote verses. They say that the well-known song “Green Sleeves“ is written by Henry VIII for Anna Boleyn during the most ardent courting. For the sake of marriage with Anna the king quarreled with all Europe, suspended relations with the Holy See, changed belief of all state, banished the wife, refused the daughter - unprecedented acts which as a result led to execution of the young queen. Why?

But if to understand - and what was loved by the king? Anna`s inaccessibility? Undoubtedly. Henry VIII was known for the intimate adventures and similar was accepted in those days at many European yards. And women whom the king endowed with the attention were happy to reciprocate to it. Same king! Anna behaved atypically, than riveted on herself attention of the king. And minute flash of desire became passion, practically - obsession. Eventually, who here the king - Heinrich or mice?! The king has to receive the desirable always!

The important role was played by absence of the male successor and impossibility to give rise to it the aging Ekaterina Aragonskaya. Henry VIII was eager for the son, he was only the second king of a dynasty of the Tudor dynasty, and in the absence of the son the dynasty had to wither. The similar thought was intolerable. Henry VIII`s father, Henry VII, received a crown in the field of fight, actually - won the kingdom. And what son? Really it will lose the got heritage with such work? And only from - for impossibility of the wife to give birth to the male child! Enormously offensively! So divorce of the king quietly ripened also without Anna Boleyn as abscess which eventually had to break.

And here - Anna. Beautiful, educated, inaccessible Anna whom admired at court of the French king during her stay there as the maid of honor princess Maria Tudor who fascinated also the English yard. Anna - the promise of youth, beauty, various pleasures and the desired son. Anna - the embodiment of all hopes of the king.

These - that the king also fell in love with promises with all passion of the nature. And what as a result? Instead of the son the daughter was born, and the subsequent pregnancies of the queen came to an end unsuccessfully. In the country the discontent increased - people liked Ekaterina Aragonskaya who is “quietly“ suffering in exile, and marriage with Anna Boleyn was perceived as an insult. The relations with Rome were spoiled finally, there was an opposition of Catholics and Protestants in before coreligion country, and the Pope strenuously incited Europe against England and the English king. Charles V threatened with war. Continuous troubles.

And Anna was not the ideal wife in the opinion of the king. She dared to make rows to jealousy, actively protested against new mistresses. But how you will order to cost the king during pregnancy of the wife when she is not able to execute a conjugal duty? The former queen was silent, but Anna was not going to be silent. Besides, Anna dared in the absence of the king to arrange holidays and receptions. All this was far from an ideal image of the obedient wife, the obedient queen.

And here on the horizon charming Jane Seymour loomed. Blond and obedient. Ideal of purity and virtue. Promising rest, a cosiness, the son`s birth.

And the passionate love of the king to Anna Boleyn turned into hatred. Just because promises which caused this love were not constrained. The king so paid dearly for an opportunity to be together with Anna, and so received in exchange a little! It is no wonder that he began to hate it with the same passion with which he loved before.

Henry VIII is not lonely in the feelings, in transitions from love to desperate hatred. Similar happens to an enviable, unfortunately, regularity everywhere. Marrying, the man and the woman make each other certain promises even if they are not read. Everyone expects from marriage of execution of some hopes. The child`s birth, homeliness, a reliable shoulder, protection and a support, the washed socks, eventually! Not always the promise is kept.

The reasons can be various, but if marriage consisted for the sake of execution of promises, then the failure to provide “goods“ according to the list leads to transformation of love into hatred. The love - that initially was not to the specific person, namely to these promises which were not fated to come true. And the one who did not execute promised is represented to the second the certain monster who deceived in the best feelings and hopes. The disappointed hope - that can be more terrible. Also the section of slippers, mutual insults and humiliations, failure to pay the alimony and other “delights“ of scandalous divorce begins. It is good still that it is impossible as Henry VIII, many would like to resort to beheading -.

Marrying, it is quite good to deal - with whom or than the alliance is concluded. With promises which will need to be carried out, or with the person? If first of all it is about promises, then similar marriage can break up in the most unpleasant way at non-performance of promised. If with the person, then the love does not become hatred from - for not washed socks though in certain cases these unfortunate socks can become the divorce reason. But the disappointment in the person is always less painful, than disappointment in hopes.

So it is better to think: whom or what you love? Him / her is the only, unique, most remarkable person in your life, or own cosiness, comfort, the promise of a bigger cosiness and comfort? It is always better to choose the person. Promises are very unreliable. And there is always a danger to repeat Anna Boleyn`s destiny.