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Melodrama “Hen Night in Vegas“. Mass emission of female humour?

Exist a number of the statements which are not demanding proofs. Water, for example, wet, a grass - green, and female humour … female humour in most cases causes feeling of awkwardness, but not laughter. Look at the Russian platform.

Women are humorists - it is more likely an exception to the rules. And, as a rule, texts write those men, based on the world outlook views and knowledge of thin female soul. But on the KVNs maiden commands to look without tears it is impossible.

Behind a hillock a situation approximately the same. Women - comedians in the afternoon with fire... All mark in glamourous dolls, girlfriends Bonda or, at the worst, in “business girls“. The clown to be unprofitable because men do not laugh, and women take offense. Like, we and so in man`s comedies are not put in anything, and here also girlfriends scoff. That is why the famous teleactress Kristen Uig should have thought three times, before to undertake the scenario of “A hen night in Vegas“. What she also made. And even received the nomination on Oscar. Whether out of pity, whether for the sake of precedent.

… Get acquainted, Annie Walker. The nice, but poor unlucky person who is categorically not lucky in love. The former lover helped it to go bankrupt, present uses Annie by the principle of “call girl“. The only outlet in Annie`s life is the girlfriend of the childhood Lilian who, as ill luck would have it, is going to marry and leave Annie with her numerous problems in proud loneliness. Not that trouble of universal scale, but somehow everything at once pulled hard.

Being in the status of the best friend, Annie applies for the status of the witness and manager of a celebration. However the certain vyderga of Helen which got a false idea itself the close friend of Lilian gets under feet eternally. Two loneliness poor and rich, met in unequal fight which winner naturally was Helen. From it - that communications, a thick purse and absence of the moral principles.

Not in forces to suffer Helen`s hypocrisy, Annie broke from coils. The hen night in Vegas went it`s a waste, and rehearsal of a wedding turned into a showdown. Having quarreled with all totally, Annie lost the apartment, work, the lover and Lilian`s trust. And the wedding still did not even begin …

badly to deceive the viewer. Because “Hen night in Vegas“ any not the comedy. More precisely, not the comedy in pure form, despite competently mounted trailer to the movie, on existence in credits of the famous American comedy dramatist Dzhudd Apatow and on the genre accessory specified in numerous film bases of the Internet. Americans call similar pictures the strange word “dramedy“. Our localizers only added fuel to the fire, having constructed marketing campaign of a tape of Paul Fayga on similarity of a context with the known film hit “The Hangover“. And to spit that in the original the picture is called “Bridesmaids“ and Las - Vegas is mentioned only casually. What you will not make for the sake of money?

As it was already told, women will not estimate the movie. Authors collected six archetypes in a shot: lonely unlucky person, glamourous bitch, tired mother having many children, fighting fatty, tupenky laugher and naive bride. Everything, okromya Ellen Kemper and Rose Byrne (the laugher and the bitch), - it is deep for thirty. It is even not crisis of middle age, it “life only begins“ (c). And, all shortcomings and thoughts of these young women are shown without any prikras, cynically, truthfully, by places obscenely. Which - who introduced the idea that scenes of emetic streams and excrements in wedding salon - are a certain subject need. Like, differently characters of heroines would not reveal completely. He agrees. It was impossible to do without these shots absolutely. At some film figures of Hollywood it is so accepted: if in a shot for all movie nobody scratched eggs or blevanut, the project is considered cash fiasco. Tops of money will not give, bottoms will not buy tickets.

If to distract from couple of evil-smelling stage settings, then “A hen night in Vegas“ - the most usual melodrama about small female happiness. It is difficult to explain popularity of a tape in America how, however, and a cash phenomenon of same “The Hangover“. Such impression that residents of the USA for the first time learn true nature of a hangover. As well as the fact that the woman - too the person, so, can swear trekhetazhno, spoil in a sink, get drunk in drabadan on the plane and make scandal in the middle of a secular holiday. Though all these postulates (except for most “flashing“) are sucked round in numerous American series about a heavy female share, like “Sex and the City“ for a long time.

Most likely, the key to success of “Hen night“ - in participation of popular teleactresses. Many purposefully went on Kristen Uig, Maia Rudolph (Lilian) and Melissa McCarthy. In Russia these media characters are almost unknown, and therefore could not cause an agiotage in cash desks by definition. Here also the Russian localizers had to be perverted with heading. Otherwise not to see to “Hen night“ even of modest three million dollars in domestic hire. And over the ocean, by the way, of one DVD with Fayga`s movie it was sold on more than 50 lyam. Information to reflection.

Anyway, to the heroine Kristen Uig you empathize necessarily. Just properly there is a wish that next “Bridget Jones“ was lucky in life. Though subconsciously any guesses that under secret laws of the Hollywood melodramas everything will end well. The poor thing Annie will start over again baking the pies, and the tyufyakovaty cop who was fallen in love with her (the next phenomenon in big cinema of Englishman Chris O`Dowd from “Programmers“) will find forces to admit feelings to the beautiful violator.

A predictable plot, predictably nice it is pop - a romantic soundtrack. There is a category of the audience to whom, actually, process is not important. The main thing that at the end all got married and lived happily. Amen.