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The shoplifter on “contract“: what for a profession? About advantage of meetings with schoolmates of

I do not love a reunion. For everything … to dtsat years that passed after the termination of high school, was on such concourse only once what strongly then was sorry about. The grown bald boys and girls distributed in width - it is still fine, I believe, as to me last years of appeal did not add. The senseless and obvious lie of the former schoolmates afflicted.

Under some unwritten law of such meetings everyone had to get up as at a lesson, and to tell about the vital achievements. Most of boys as it became clear, became modest oligarchs - modest because neither “Forbes“, nor even shabby “Kommersant“ and had never heard of them. Those who did not lay claim to oligarchs were introduced as businessmen, a top - managers or, at the worst, prominent government employees.

Maidens who she is married, modestly having looked down, admitted that they are housewives - type, with such husband as at me to work simply indecently. Which she is not married, those were owners of beauty shops, boutiques and other glamourous rubbish.

Here only in business cards at oligarchs some muffled Ltd companies and which - who at all at himself had no those appeared. Business - vumen too to themselves in boutiques and salons of each other did not invite.

Of course, I exaggerate - there were at this meeting also quite adequate persons, and among them my former buddy Andryukha. I also want to tell about its present absolutely surprising profession.

In the senior classes Andryukha became the handsome and besides the test dandy that at his papashka, going as then spoke, “in a zagranka“, was not so difficult. And still was fond of theater that at its external data, already then outstanding, was quite natural. We together were engaged in powerful drama school at the Leningrad Palace of pioneers.

After school our ways dispersed - I went in journalists, and it - in actors. I arrived, and it did not. Andryukha was taken away in army where he quite successfully acted in amateur performance, and, above all - strongly promoted on the Komsomol line. After service with a lot of recommendations and excellent characteristics it was admitted to the Leningrad state institute of theater, music and cinematography.

Andryukha did not graduate from institute - vyperl for poor progress from some course. But the actor became. And nowadays conducts quite provided life though at film does not act in and does not serve in theater.

Now my former buddy - the shoplifter on “contract“.

Here present such stage setting: near cash desk in large hypermarket the brave shop assistant furiously belabors the buyer a package of frozen shrimps. The uncle decent in appearance, thievishly looking back, waves away from the maiden and sadly mutters: “Well I forgot about them, put in a bag and forgot …“ Near cash desk ten two buyers groan from delight, savouring a rare show - capture of “pilferer“.

Further, according to the scenario, the security guard appears and, holding the villain by the scruff, conducts in office. Applause, curtain. The happy public goes home, carrying away in a subcortex sensible thought that where - where, and here - that something will not manage to be snatched at all.

However, it is only an interval. The second act of a performance is not intended for public. In the administrator`s office some Ivan Ivanovich shakes to the thief hands and speaks: “Well, quite, quite … But next time let there will be an addict, and take goods more expensively“.

It is easy to guess that the performance was sponsored by institution of trade - in the educational, so to speak, purposes that potential pilferers were convinced of vigilance of personnel. As the director and the actor Andryukha - yes what there Andryukha, the whole Andrey Valeryevich at the same time acts. Because he developed this pot of gold and even created the firm specializing in the organization of “indicative exposures“ of shoplifters by request of administrations of large network hypermarkets.

Andrey Valeryevich now ““ steps on the stage seldom, only on especially responsible orders or so, as a hobby.

The firm as the limited liability company providing services in the organization of holidays is registered. In staff - 8 actors and actresses with different roles: “jerks“, “dolls“, “gentlemen“, “housewives“, “street muggers“... Employees regularly bypass shops with which they signed contracts for the organization of “holidays“, and arrange colourful representations with exposure of the thief.

The standard action in a supermarket costs not much - 12 thousand one rubles, but the firm is capable also of full-scale statements. Andrey Valeryevich with grief told that in former times they worked from several solid casinos - here where there were “holidays“! Performances with exposure of the whole “group of swindlers“ with the subsequent their solemn delivery on hands to “law enforcement officers“ brought in to firm not only the excellent income, but also creative satisfaction all troupe.

So the meeting with schoolmates was not absolutely useless - Andrey Valeryevich fine entertained me the story about the professional activity. By the way, upon termination of “reception“ most of oligarchs and business - ladies in single file stretched to the subway and stops of public transport. And I went home to a taxi, for the modest journalist of 300 rubles - not money.

On what there left Andryukha, I did not see - he was washed away before all. Probably, hurried on a performance.