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How to spend week in Rome for 500 euros? Part 2

Here we and in Italy. On the road from the airport the heads on the parties twisted, 30 minutes also came time to become populated...


is a lot of

of Options of residence in Rome. Here both hostels, and B@B, and a large number of tiny hotels, and, at last, the apartments leased for every taste. We put two main selection criteria:

1. Immersion on Wednesday - an opportunity to stay the Roman, but not the guest, to cook food, to go shopping etc. For this reason we initially looked towards apartments more.
2. Byudzhetnost.

Despite the first point, options of hotels and hostels we did not reject though, having understood approximate dispersion of the prices (from 350 euros a week somewhere far away to 550 euros - is closer to the center), all - concentrated on apartments. From minuses of hotels still it should be taken into account nearly 100% need of making advance payment; additional hotel tax of 2 euros a day from the person; an operating mode (in 23 - 00 many institutions are simply closed).

It is always simpler to agree with the living people who are handing over apartments, more interestingly to communicate and, eventually, it is simpler to get advice on everyday questions. Our choice fell on the apartments on the small street of Veicolo delle Palle near the Lock of the Sacred Angel belonging to Flavio Veccaro at once and unambiguously.

Yes! If you absolutely the loony or even at all hippie, can try to find on the specialized websites free spending the night on an exchange. Principle simple: the volunteers registered on the website are eager to show round for free everyone the city and even to shelter at themselves on a two-three of nights, but at the same time and you be ready that to you is prirulit once by the guest from the unknown country … From five Russian-speaking volunteers nobody, however, responded to our appeal.


As well as in the majority of the capitals, the cheapest option of restaurant food will be filling of stomachs at the Chinese small restaurants. If to trust the menu, then for 8 euros it is possible to take quite 3 - 4 full-fledged dishes, to eat too much and die to young people. By one such small restaurant around the fountain of Trevi we wandered, but to try Asian viands - the course did not reach.

The second for a byudzhetnost is the option of a sit-round gathering in cafes (pizzerias, trattoriya and others) Trastevere`s region. For 10 - 14 euros you will try 4 dishes: anti-paste, paste, meat and dessert. However, it is necessary to recognize that everything that we tried from classical Italian dishes, including pizzas, pastes, spaghetti, was qualitative, appetizing, but without special delights. The bright exception was made by tiramisu and, perhaps, ice cream.

Keep in mind that in the majority of institutions a bonus to the account expose “use of devices“ - as a rule, it is additional 5 - 6 euros to the sum. In many places to sit behind a bar counter is one figure, and with the same dishes, but behind a little table - absolutely another. Or, for example, to take the same dishes to 16 - 00 is the one price, and after 16 - is 10 - 20% more expensive.

As a result as we also planned, the most part of time we ate on the kitchenette: in - the first, the same pizzas, pastes and spaghetti, the prepared houses, were much more tasty “restaurant“, and seasoned various vegetable Tushino - the soared “cocktails“, and at all divine; in - the second, preparation of lunches was a good reason to allow to have a rest to a few rewandering extremities and, by itself, in - the third, it turned out cheaper.

It should be taken into account that all large supermarkets are taken out to dormitory areas, but those little shops that are scattered on picturesque streets of the center, it is possible to manage much. Various “live“ macaroni with short period of storage, firm cheeses, dry wines, incredibly sweet tangerines in kilograms, the richest the choice of vegetables and fruit, unclear for us, fried chestnuts in a fireplace both other, and other - our picturesque house diet within a week …

of Sight

Rome should be enjoyed. On it it is impossible to go by bus or to run from a point to a point. Across Rome it is necessary to walk slowly, looking to small streets - side streets, strolling the areas and diving on the embankment under bridges.

As well as about a way of creation of a map of the city, I already told about a method of drawing up the list of sights earlier: we just made the document with ranging and the description of sign places of Rome, and also a full map of the capital of Italy with points - bindings. I will note: to assemble the big card, to me the print - a screen was necessary to make 86 times, and then several hours to adjust pictures to each other, to impose and cut off, therefore I ask to forgive some errors …

Long thought whether not to buy to us for 25 euros/piece in information center the Roma Pass card granting the right during 3 - x days on magic discounts:

- visit of the first 2 - x museums / sights free of charge;
- visit 3 - go the museum with discount of 50%, 4 - go - 25% etc.;
- journey on public transport, including for city boundaries, free of charge;
- a Rome map.

However for the reason that the museums all - were our minor purpose, refused this idea. As a result on money spent in principle as much, but relieved themselves of a psychological unrest: “money is paid, now it is necessary to be in time everywhere“.

If you are eager for general plans of the city, then we perfectly shot types with viewing on Willa Borgeza. In addition I share the list of survey points , pulled together from where - that from the Internet: if there is a desire to pay for an observation deck, then the best choice - a fatherland Altar (7 euros) or Saint Peter`s dome (7 euros). Besides, it is possible to look at the city: from church Santa - Triniti (it is possible to rise on the elevator from Spagna metro station); from Vittorio Emanuilu`s monument - Piazza Venezia; from Aventin; Apelsinovy garden; Giannicolo; Torre di Milizia …

concerning weather. From January 11 to January 18 for Italians, maybe, it was also cold, but - arrived from minus of seven - very much it was even healthy for us: the whole days - solar and tasty, temperature in the afternoon - 13 - 14 degrees of heat, evening +4 - 5, hang on trees tangerines...

By the way, even while it is considered “not a season“, on some platforms was not to force the way, to terribly present what there happens during a season. So and in this plan time we chose successful...