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How to spend week in Rome for 500 euros? Part 1

On own experience it became clear: the trip to Rome for a week is possible in the presence of mad friends, clever councils and the sum of 337 euros for the person (for Lithuanians) or 480 euros for the person (for Ukrainians) in a pocket.

So what there was an account part of:

1. The visa (for Ukrainians) - 35 euros.
2. An obligatory insurance - 8 euros.
3. The Vilnius-Rome plane (Fyyumichino) - Vilnius - 154 litas there and back - 44 euros.
4. Club card of wizzair club (1 piece) - 116 litas - 30 euros / 4 persons = 7,5 euros.
5. A taxi from the airport and in the airport - 40+40 euros / 4 persons = 20 euros.
6. Accommodation - 480 euros in a week, i.e. 120 euros from a nose in a week (or 17 euros a day).
7. Visit of the museums - 25 euros.
8. Food + souvenirs + other expenses = about 120 euros.

In the sum - 380 euros.

9. Transportation to Lithuania and back (car) - 50 euros x 2 (parties) = 100 euros.

Total - 480 euros. now - is more detailed than


the Plane

Unlike last trip we decided to fly not Ryanair, but Wizzair. The algorithm of loukostny purchase of tickets remained the same, only, we decided to buy in addition a club card which quite pays off at couple of trips a year. Especially as Vizzair flies including from Ukraine that in the future can quite be useful.

Approach to own baggage also remained rigid - only hand luggage with dimensions no more than 55õ40õ20 cm and weighing no more than 10 kg. It is necessary to tell that this format quite is enough even for girls, and still there is a place on some sandwiches (and on the way back - on souvenirs in the form of “milyyon“ of packs of spaghetti, a bucket of artichokes and kilogram of silver spoons).

Upon purchase of tickets it should be taken into account that if you after registration printed out tickets independently, then it will save to you 6 - 8 euros (which differently will take at registration at the airport).

Also it is worth reminding that SB of the airport rather strictly monitors existence in hand luggage of liquids. The volume of various butylk and bubbles with drugs / shampoos / means for care of cuticles / just water for should not drink to exceed 100 ml, differently or ask to hand over in baggage - for a separate, certainly, payment, or just throw out in a wastebasket.

Transport from the airport (Fyyumichino)

1. If you go the company to 3 - 4 persons or do not know where precisely to follow in Rome, then there is a sense to reach the place by a taxi. At the airport quite it is worth bargaining with taxi drivers. One in any it is not lucky for 60 euros, another easily agrees on 40. The sum should be discussed accurately fixed, otherwise these children seek to throw already on the way.

2. If you arrived one and prefer to reach by train, then journey will cost you 14 euros if to buy the ticket via the automatic machine at the station, or 15 euros if - on a platform. It is also worth considering that there is an opportunity to reach Rome by the subway (the FM1 line Sabina-Fyyumichino), it will cost almost twice cheaper (8 euros), but will demand change at one of stations (Tiburtina, Tuscolana or Ostiense) that the people who are not knowing Italian are quite capable to be frightened.

3. Buses from the airport go each 15 minutes, tickets can be bought directly at the airport in a zone of delivery of baggage in Tabacchi, fare - 4,5 euros, on time - for about 15 minutes longer than the train.

Transport across Rome

U us initially was installation: to the maximum to move on foot, looking in all corners and back streets more stoutly to plunge into the atmosphere, but we also could not assume that on foot we will move all the time . As it appeared, Rome - the city rather compact, in any case, its historical part, and practically to all points from the planned program - a minimum (29 points from 32) we dotopat own legs.

However if you are not ready to such feats or you plan to go round hundred points of Rome in a week, it is possible to advise to get the travel card. There are several types of travel cards: for days, for three days, for a week and for a month. We are interested in the third. It is called carta settimanale, or CIS, costs 16 euros, extends to all types of city transport, is on sale in the subway and booths with the inscription Tabacchi (look around at capital letter of T). Consider that in travel it is necessary to enter the data.

The travel card for days will cost you 4 euros, for three days - 11 euros. The single ticket will cost to you 1 euro, 75 minutes work and grants the right to pass 1 time in the subway and as much as necessary on land transport.

Be continued.