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Women, men and underwear - what connects them?

our acquaintance to underwear in life always begin equally: diapers, romper suit, pants. Tights. But it it... Yes, it is interesting to boys to look in a garden under a skirt - in peas or not? Or at school when girls jump in elastic bands that the short skirt even flies up to make out a fabric strip, and then to shout at all corridor “And Tanka has pink pants!!!“

It seems wakes up interest in this detail of clothes, but what to apply this interest to - it is unknown.

Me too to some age mother bought pants, without consulting on me. And in winter I in general wore drawers (as well as a half of a class) over cotton panty hoses and mortally hated both these drawers, and panty hoses. Also envied boys in trousers. Then trousers so strongly lodged in my clothes that to the second year of institute I in a skirt and was not seen. I then especially also did not bother that under jeans on me is put on. Loved simple white shorts and did not love brassieres. And guys did not love me. And it suited me.

Until mother, having become pregnant the brother and having recovered, gave me part of the almost new linen... Linen, I will tell you, at it always was magnificent! Not those terrible products which were on sale in shops and which had to be taken in then - to remake. Not my nylon brassieres which rubbed with shoulder straps and edges of a bodice skin till it bleeds, not terrible pants on an elastic band. Relatives from - for borders sent us checks, and mother collected underwear clothes: the most beautiful lacy bras, combinations with inserts and bows, satin shorts pink or beige in small black peas. Also it carried this beauty every day! On envious questions of girlfriends and what it it every day as to the lover, she, laughing, answered: “I am here a doctor! Bring patients, and at them belyishko old, washed off, darned. And I here think, suddenly what happens, will bring me to hospital - to doctors pleasantly to look will be!“

But, of course, it were jokes. Actually I understand now why it is remembered by all men who were simply familiar with it. They saw on her mood, eyes, felt simply that before them - the attractive woman. In beautiful linen!

It is a pity that I understood it too late that never spoke with mother about these secrets. But then, as soon as lacy weightless bagatelles got to me to clothes, I began to become the woman, the girl, gentle, mysterious. At the same time I saw at the familiar artist a photo album with chyorno - white photos of the British master. In slanting rays of light which as if rummaged in the dark the woman`s legs in stockings, hands and shoulders on an armrest of a wattled chair, again legs - on a velvet back of a sofa and in graceful sandals were highlighted, from - for portieres the shoulder and a breast in black lace lingerie is shown. . The collection of amazing photos where there is no picture to the utmost, the silhouettes which only are snatched out, fragments, but from these erotic fragments, in lace and silk, the Woman was read! Chaste and iskusitelny, timid and passionate, mysterious and attracting.

I was visited by this esthetic love to linen. But, alas, I did not become a fetishist, there were no means. The first time I married in stockings, a combination and a set from the white natural lace which besides is laid up for me by mother! And in my marriage night the husband begged not to remove this foam from himself! And then I returned to the white sports... I do not think that my marriage collapsed from - for linen. But I think if I remained the same gift in lacy packing - everything could be a little in a different way...

I came off in second marriage! The wife of my second husband too not really - that paid attention to linen, she was interested in an external luster more: fur coat, boots, gold! And therefore when I refused all these attributes in favor of branded jeans, an angorovy sweater and couple of sets of linen, I was carried on the house on hands for a long time!

The linen does not happen much! For every day I buy smooth, corporal color, on it the clothes, nothing superfluous well lie, approach under any color of a sweater - a blouse - an undershirt. Still I hate if from - under a white shirt - a black bra! Corporal - the most office option. It already in the evening can be povolnovat the translucent set of white color, but in scarlet strawberries or blue butterflies!

I have a set of corporal color, but with a bow which tips will stubborn get out of cut of a blouse; white, but strung together by a scarlet tape. My dear set dark-gray in a vertical narrow white stripe: to such print of office jacket. And here the loved sets of my husband which I put on when we went where - nibud, entirely black! Or just black - lace! Or a small transparent setochka with an embroidery. Were with it is red - a black embroidery, and the bra is embroidered completely, and shorts - only by a treugolnichok in front. There was a black translucent set on which claret velvet ornaments. But it was more convenient to carry it in winter when the easy clothes do not wrinkle on linen details.

But as pleasantly at home, so far you undress and you exempt from baggy clothes a body in beautiful linen, to suddenly see a spark in the opinion of the husband, and then he approaches, helps to undress and gently embraces, carries out by a hand on all bends... I will not continue not to overstep the limits of censorship.

Also with age opened for itself other delights of linen: with the help baud itself can create a figure, having picked up it so that it dragged away problem zones. At me such baud three, different styles and different color, but in all I - as from pictures a pin - ap!

It is as pleasant to change linen how to buy fashionable things: yesterday you were a timid pretty girl in a set of pastel color and with roses, today - the mischievous person in a set of shorts, a bra and a topic of black color, but in large scarlet poppies; you change for the husband in the exciting cherry in chocolate in the evening, having dressed a cherry lacy set, in the morning for work in zhemchuzhno - gray (so efficiently, but it is so refined). Gathered for a disco? Thongs with pastes and a bra without shoulder-straps, just cups which are just pasted under your delights. Be not afraid, will not disappear - it is checked!

And for middle-aged women: excellent sets with embroideries. Is with corsets, is grace, there are satin, is lacy, with peignoirs from above, with a bow between breasts. Also it is not necessary to speak: to me already late! He and so loves me! It is expensive! Come into shop, take in hands, try on and just present a number of the husband: believe, that naughty spark in his eyes is far more expensive!

But you do not trust me - ask my mother! It still has success in men and carries incredibly beautiful linen.