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Summing up: why and what it is important to finish successfully to begin?

In life of each person, are the purposes, dreams and desires. There is something that is very important for us that we want to realize or reach. At the same time each person during a certain period has what prevents realization of these purposes and tasks.

To check it experimentally, today we will address a body and the feelings.

Practice :

1. If you stand now, then get up conveniently, feel the feet. If you sit - sit down so that the back did not lean on a back of a chair or a wall. Cover eyes.

2. If feel all the body, then feel that somewhere in space there are your purposes, dreams and desire. Feel them. Before your look there will be some picture or an image. Consider it.

3. You see an image of your purposes and desires. Look where concerning you there are your incomplete affairs? What did the first come to your mind? Where they: before you, between you and the purpose, behind or around you? How these incomplete affairs look? And now, when you are ready, open eyes.

What disturbs us?

Ya often used this technique in the practice, and even those people to whom it seemed that all tasks are carried out, in contact with the subconsciousness met some outstanding tasks.

Why does that happen? The matter is that sometimes some things to us at the level of consciousness seem not important and insignificant. From active perception we throw out them. At the same time in us, at the subconscious level, it continues to exist in our life. That how long this business was made also its scale, a role is not played. And such affairs the huge lots can collect. And even when it seems that the person has no obstacles for realization of the purposes, all - equally something disturbs him. Most often it is also incomplete affairs, and time came … to sum up the results!

Incomplete affairs - where they?

So, you found out where concerning you incomplete affairs are located. What does it mean?

If incomplete affairs are between you and the purpose or somewhere ahead of you, then, most likely, it designates that they are an obstacle in a way of the movement to the purpose. They do not allow you to pass there where you want. And therefore all the time something gets off, breaks and disturbs you.

The second option - incomplete affairs can be behind you. It turns out that before you the purpose, and behind - incomplete affairs. Then these affairs hold you, delay your energy. Even if you do not realize it, all of them equally do not allow to move forward.

And the third option when incomplete affairs are located somewhere around you. Then, most likely, you stick in them, they hang on you. You cannot move forward, their weight presses down you.

If you saw the incomplete affairs in a position which is not considered here, all the same there is a probability that they impede your progress.

What to do with affairs which I do not want to do?

So, we see how strongly and incomplete affairs can significantly influence our aspirations. But we are creators, and only to us to decide how our future will look. You want that the way to the purposes became more free that you moved easily, slid, floated to the purpose. You want? Means, we will reach it.

Practice : take a sheet of paper, the handle, now it will be necessary to perform several operations.

So, first . Write down all affairs which need to be made on a leaf. Put everything, from global and long-term, to the small and insignificant which you, maybe, and how are you do not consider. It can be a call which should be made long ago, insignificant, but you about it remember. Or to put receipts for last year in the separate folder. Generally, affairs can be the most different order. Write down all completely. That is even those affairs which you “and so will make why to write?“.

There is a small remark: for the first time lists of summing up happen very big, perhaps, more than hundred cases. But further they will be less, I dare to assure you.

At first there was a wish to tell: be not frightened if you see much. But, perhaps, I will tell on the contrary. Be frightened, derive the small pleasure from this fright. Experience how many at you affairs, and further we will work with it.

Second point : look at all the lists, and divide them into all written-down affairs. For example, pencil or marker, different flowers. What order there can be at you groups? For example: work, career, business, depending on in what you are engaged. Personal development, training. Relationship, family, perhaps, there will be point on education of children, etc. Household chores, household affairs, health, sport - here can be the most different actions. At you, most likely, about 6 - 7 groups will turn out.

Following item, third . With pleasure, a fat marker, delete those affairs which lost the relevance. Meetings which are not necessary to you any more actions which will play nothing in your life any more. Affairs which you began, but you do not want to finish because they do not influence your future any more. Strike off the list, derive pleasure from this process.

Why it is so important? Because until affairs at you are complete, the end is not put, they hang at you in subconsciousness and and are not made. And at the mention of the words “incomplete affairs“ they emerge in consciousness. So, deleted.

The fourth : allocate important issues, big affairs which influence your business and life in general. Such affairs which promote realization of your purpose. Also take out them separately in the list. You will need to plan them for a long time. Most likely affairs which can concern or large-scale projects on duration, or essential by result. It is necessary to appropriate them the term of realization and to bring in the scheduler.

The fifth : allocate short tasks, what can be made within 10 minutes. To call the repairman that to repair something, to make a call, to move something. Allocate for such affairs daily 30 - 40 minutes and when you during the day form a pause, realize these affairs.

Why it is important that they were the list? Because sometimes it turns out that we receive suddenly an interval of free time and we do not know, than to occupy it. Here, apparently, 5 minutes: and you will not begin big business, and it is unclear what to make. Then your list of short affairs will come to the rescue. It is a high time to delete something from it.

The sixth : allocate that it is important - to submit reports on terms, to hand over documents in tax, to cure tooth. Such affairs which need to be made now, today or by strictly certain day. It will need to be done first of all the rest, first of all. we will Beautifully finish


If you summed up of

all results and you had actions which do not approach to one of categories, evenly carry them on the scheduler, it is desirable with the indication of dates of performance. Usually all such affairs small, they are realized within the next 2 - 3 weeks. Nevertheless it is important to write down them that you had them in the eyes. Appropriate to all other affairs which you will carry out date when you bring them in the scheduler.

You can delegate short, not urgent affairs, that is shift to someone. In cleaning the husband can carry things, children will easily cope with cleaning and. etc. Use a question of delegation so as far as it is possible - so you will have a little time, for example, for gratitude to for so successful work.

Now the beginning of year therefore the subject of article is actual. I, in return, want to wish you forces and success to finish incomplete affairs and to open the wide light road for your purposes, aspirations and new desires. Aspire, and at you everything will turn out! Begin with the main thing - sum up the results!