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In search of love: what main thing?

When I got divorced from husband, first of all was engaged in searches of the following man for the serious relations. But the man was not. What only works I did not apply. And all representatives of strong part of mankind in all directions ran up.

If were late about me, then for a while. But I did not despair - all with a new strength collected and improved in science of attraction and seduction.

Actively stayed on dating sites, sometimes even itself began to get acquainted. Behind searches I did not notice how there passed my life. On a background grew two children. In itself there was a work. Any hobbies, any interests, in general anything.

Sometimes visited feeling that I do not want to sit with this person and messages lovely conversations now, and I want to be at home in heat and a cosiness with children. But this small desire faded against big desire to have available the man. So there passed two years of my life.

It is necessary to tell what I knew beyond doubt what I wanted. And did not agree to the first comer. The man of my dream was described in concrete seven points among which the age, the income, mind, erudition and other qualities, very important for me, was registered. But the necessary boyfriends were not. All applicants had big no love to me . They not “fell at my legs“, did not call every day to learn, how from me affairs. Showed some degree of indifference.

Once on a dating site I saw the questionnaire which interested me … Conversation with the man interesting me literally lit up from the first phrase! I began, it picked up - it seemed, he also looked for me! Every day I waited for evening to contact it and to continue conversation. All thoughts were busy with dreams about it. We exchanged phones. It was a little terrible: and suddenly will break. He called. Meeting was appointed. By the fixed time went on the turning-in legs. It was my destiny, my the person, I did not doubt it at all.

We met:
- Hi.
- Hi. And you look better, than in the photo.
- Yes, hm … thanks (smiles, surely, as a real man takes by hand). Well, went?

We shirked all evening and all night long. Spoke greedily. Were silent with ecstasy, fading, being afraid to break an imperceptible thread of pleasure. Looked each other in the face. Also could not satisfy thirst of communication. Tremblingly stored that got and passionately wished bigger. Nothing confused me and stopped. I flopped in these relations completely, having lost the head and that I still could lose … there

On my example can sort typical mistakes of many women .

1. Fanaticism. I was so keen on searches of love that forgot about everything on light. My children, work, hobbies, all this mattered only in the presence of the beloved. If the man was not, there was no sense and in all the rest.
2. Long searches. For two years of active searches any “standing“ option did not get to me! And it is an occasion to reflect: can, something not so in my life?
3. In my life men who had to me no strong feelings were attracted, and I in the relations completely lost myself.
4. Lyubov whom I met brought me a set of sufferings subsequently. Why? Really the love always means the tragedy? Whether it is normal?

Of course, all this is abnormal! But what with it to do?

needs to love itself. Not to seek to find by all means though somebody. And to look for only the person. Quietly, without hurrying, without forgetting about itself, about the interests, about the children (if they are). Not to do the tragedy of the fact that exactly here and now there is no man (woman) nearby.

To be happy and without love. And then the love itself will come to you. Real, happy and for the rest of life.

Love and good luck to you!