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Antiprigarny covering: it is simple, reliable, harmless. How?

Producers of ware with an antiprigarny covering constantly go on: “We think of you!“. And it is valid, all these frying pans, forms for roasting, mafinnitsa and the cocottes having “special covering“ extremely facilitate to us life. One trouble - such ware is criminal short-lived.

Criminal - because costs rather much (well if not to take “disposable“ IKEA frying pans into account), and serves very much and very not for long. I was strongly afflicted, for example, “type ceramic“ by the frying pan bought for one and a half thousand one rubles.

And the producer it seems was untwisted, and it is acquired in decent hypermarket, just imagine - and month did not pass as the miracle - a covering lost the miracle at all - properties. We did not cut in it meat and did not shkryabat on a bottom forks though the producer also claimed that the product is very steady against mechanical influence. But, alas, what literally “flew away“ from a frying pan in the first weeks became artful to stick, burn soon and by that immensely to irritate because it is a pity to throw out a vessel, and to store, considering rather big sizes, in general is silly.

Besides there is an opinion that the ware with an antiprigarny covering also is harmful, especially if its surface is damaged. Allegedly when heating poisonous components, including the perfluorooctanew acid included in the UN in the list of the most dangerous chemical compounds are allocated. Sounds shokiruyushche, but also, concerns practically each of us.

However it is thought that if such data were really confirmed with serious scientific researches, then in the world waves of a protest would rise and mass refusals of such production, at least, in civilized countries began. At the same time it is impossible to exclude a consequence of multinational corporations which make teflon and others and risk to be left, in case of confirmation of danger of the production, without rather strong profit.

Anyway, but the ancient pig-iron frying pan which “still the grandmother presented to mother“ remains safest “means of production“ on home cuisine - despite the bulkiness and extreme not esthetics. However, the modern pig-iron ware looks pretty well, and its daily use can be considered as peculiar power exercises.

Moreover, ubiquitous British men of science on which all so like to refer proved that the ware from cast iron enriches with iron the food preparing in it. Such “pig-iron iron“ is easily acquired by a human body.

However in each economy there are also so-called “usual“ frying pans, baking sheets, utyatnitsa and other kitchen utensils made of aluminum and some unknown alloys of which structure we in former years did not think at all. The majority of us - on various a reason is not ready to leave them. Someone is convinced that to live in general harmfully and you should not stuff the head also such nonsenses, all these modern achievements just it is too expensive for someone, and someone elementary got used to favourite things and does not want to change them for doubtful novelties.

But here that badly - the food in such ware burns, especially when roasting. And it not to mention such thin business as baking of pancakes - here, sometimes, is not rescued also by most “fancy“ super - a pancake frying pan. The nightmare of any hostess is to brush thoroughly a baking sheet after fragrant meat is already favourably eaten by guests, or with bitterness to state, as the tenth pancake left “lump“.

But an exit is - “Universal antiprigarny mix“. I davny - found long ago the recipe of a miracle cure on some culinary website, but till certain time he was not popular and peacefully was waiting in the wings in bookmarks.

I do not know how at whom, and my husband is convinced that he is an excellent culinary specialist. One is good - attacks of economic activity roll on it seldom. But it is well-aimed. Then for one family dinner it buys products for the sum which would be enough for me for family “pro-forage“ during few weeks. But it is still half-troubles. For preparation of some banal baked pork which he calls “Karnitas“ all ware which is almost available in the house - from teaspoons to a huge cauldron is used, including also several frying pans. The culinary attack at the spouse passes already at a stage of tasting of the first portion, and I should scrub away and clean off the mountain of ware from the burned remains.

Standing once again in the middle of the crushed kitchen I also remembered the forgotten recipe of “antiprigarny mix“. Prepared and now I am not tired to thank the unknown author for his brilliant invention.

Everything becomes very simply. It is necessary to stock up with one glass of flour, one glass of cooking fat or melted butter and the same amount of vegetable oil. Well and the mixer is necessary that all this put to mix.

At first on small turns we mix everything in rough, komkovaty, awful color substance. Then at a high speed we shake up in magnificent cream, before increase in weight twice. Cream it will become snow-white - silvery color. If it turns out thinnishly, add flour. A consistence - to steady peaks.

Then the received mix it is necessary to spread out on banks. It is better to store in the cool place or in the refrigerator. By the way, it is stored long, about one year.

And antiprigarny mix so is used: by a brush it is applied a thin film on any surfaces - baking sheets, confectionery or grain forms, frying pans and other.

It is possible to use for roasting of meat and fish, for pastries - yes for everything!

I and silicone forms grease with this structure because from - for their extraordinary “figuristost“ it is possible to take without loss some sophisticated cake not always.

Such “covering“ never burns, is easily and purely washed away, and does not leave marks on a crust of products. The miracle is simple, try!