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500 Black children of

Batyanya are a battalion commander go into battle for Putin having been a part of 499 authorized representatives of the major candidate in Presidents. By the way, and why not 500? Why such strange figure?

Zapashnye`s brothers are, Tabakov is, Vittorgan Sr. in the same place. The most famous aunt of the country in the person of Kalyagin. Popsovik from a box Stas Mikhaylov and the foul-mouth from Gum - klab I do not remember a surname and to anything. Piekha`s grandson for an earthing up of girls - teenagers and the chief musketeer of the country for belief already, alas, pensioners. The fashion designer Yudashkin for ladies. Leonid Yakubovich for fans to dig something in the field of miracles. Football players the whole pack, is a lot of directors of the museums too. Editors of the famous editions for intelligent public. All very worthy media persons.

And satirist of the country, chief in the past, Gennady Hazanov. You remember “to tigers of meat do not report“. The satirist for the power is already a deja vu.

However, it already, apparently, theater director. So humour aside, all for the Chairman of Ozero cooperative society.

The detailed list promoting administration of camp and firmly followed a way of correction here:

gazeta. ru/politics/elections2011/2012/02/06_a_3990925. shtml

On what reminds so strange ensemble of football players, actors and directors? Where in the history it is possible to find something similar?

Only in the Bible. Noah`s Ark. All kinds of people.

Speak, modern Ache itself personally defined the list of those who with it together will not drown. And, subsequently, will breed and will give rise to new population.

But nevertheless, why such not round figure? As if beautifully sounded - the Putin polutysyacha. Or Putin pyatikhatka.

Such feeling that one all - is not enough. That someone jumped off at the latest moment from the train gathering the course.

Fie you, ark.

Who this mysterious stranger or stranger?

How to learn a name of the person who made practically a feat and jumped from a board of the comfortable liner to the abyss of waters?

There is no answer. One Black child disappeared and them there were 499.

To 499 faithful Putin of people. Actors, directors, football players and former satirist Hazanov.

Who said from a scene earlier (excuse for the long quote):

“4 graduates of the Moscow conservatory - Kitelzon, Parelmutor, Fritsker and Komendiser. There is such Slavic quartet, prevkushy cash went to « steel works; Sickle and hammer “ where since morning waited for them therefore when the master came to a site and told - Today the lunch break will not be, we go to a red corner to listen to chamber music.

If the word chamber was familiar to much, on the previous life, then with the phrase with the word music was born some the epileptic. One of workers told - Mikhalych, you that, weakened chtol what chamber music, we have beer, dominoes, all! But the master insisted on the - Any beer, any dominoes, all we go to a red corner to listen to symphonic music. And one worker absolutely sincerely told - Nakh. y it is necessary to us? The master told - Still pomateris to me! Well - quickly all in a red corner! That is they came already “ loaded “ on a meeting with fine.

And when the slav brothers and any that unknown appeared, no, everyone was presented on - familno! Natal Kitelzon, Moisey Perelmutor. The people were stunned! They never before did not hear such surnames. They in general thought, well some monikers, they did not know this ingenious saying of A. P. Chekhov who told: “ Yes there is no such subject which could not serve the Jew for a surname and. “.

And they already prepared, but the most important before striking strings, most important this here gesture. But the trouble was not in that what surnames at them, not in that what they had noses and even not that they for execution took Antonio Vivaldi`s work, trouble that they at Vivaldi dug out such work in which as ill-luck would have it, there was a large number of the so-called false finals.

It is very important for the further story. And so they sat down, at each other looked and. what I will sing now has no relation to Vivaldi, just that you understood what there occurred. After the sixth applause, the viewer understood kikes scoff.

They just try patience of the people, well to you already clapped, well it, well bring down already from here. But they were honest and they for hard cash wanted to finish everything that Vivaldi composed in this opus. And already aggression in the hall. Any applause. Already all this is forced also the person who sat in the first row, he a back felt this aggression, he so to them stretched and told - Boughs, finish“!

Good words for the final.

It would be time to finish this concert also. Curtain. Applause.

P. S. On all hints about a nationality of characters in a miniature is not to me. It by to Hazanov.