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What breath correct?

Such is human nature - not to pay attention that it habitually and is near by even if it is very important. The relation of people to the breath - one of bright to that confirmations. Our life begins with the first breath and lasts until we are able to breathe.

But we do not pay any attention to own breath. Well, maybe, only we try to refresh it (as advertizing calls us).

And once some “guru“ urges us to listen for own breath, we right there are surprised - and as we did not notice such obvious things earlier as we incorrectly breathed still!

That centipede who was asked how she copes with the forty legs is remembered. And she reflected and stumbled.

But each of us quite to himself safely breathes. And the fact that you read this article now - good to that confirmation.

But if you pay attention to this subject, then you will see that breathing exercises, practicians, in this or that look exist in all sports, improving, and even psychological systems, and also are used when training singers, actors, divers and many other experts.

And here feature - as you will look at the guide to some system then you read: “breath on … - the most correct breath in the world!“

A often systems very different, also is opposite - with deep or superficial breath, an exhalation through a nose or through a mouth, fast or slow speed. And who is right?

In usual conditions the human body itself successfully regulates activity processes. In it we are similar to all creations of the nature. And therefore for each separately taken organism there is no “correct“ or “wrong“ breath. In a usual condition of people breathes not as wants, not as it “is useful“ for it and as now it is necessary for his organism because so it is more favorable and simpler to its organism to provide the existence. Perhaps, and it is wrong to breathe through a mouth, but what to do if “bunged up a nose“?

The healthy person also breathes correctly. Both when sleeps and when drags weights and when is angry. And even then, when breath as though itself fades or itself becomes frequent.

But the patient with cold if does not recover, will not be correct to breathe. He breathes as its organism can.

However not for nothing the person - “a wreath of creation of the nature“. And it was given the chance to randomly regulate this major physiological process - breath. And time this chance is given, it means it is necessary. And it should use. And breath became one of ways of management of own body. There were various techniques, systems, sets of exercises.

And if you wanted to test any respiratory practice, you remember several main moments :

1. Main thing. It is necessary to change something (including breath) only if something does not suit you in a present situation. the Old proverb - let well alone - is absolutely right. If your organism perfectly works (well or you arranges how it works) - do not scoff at it. It is unlikely you should change life to the best, it is already good.

2. Be defined - that you want. this point of key system in choice or techniques. A difference essence in them - for what these or those exercises are intended for. One business when there is a wish to achieve by means of breath tranquility and clarity in the head, and absolutely another when you by means of breathing exercises want to increase voice range.

3. Accurately follow instructions. If you chose a technique which proved as steady results (namely such and it is worth choosing), then remember - authors and adherents achieved these results only because followed the fulfilled technique. You do not introduce the “author`s vision“. If there are difficulties - consult with about the expert. He knows why there are your difficulties and what with it can be done.

4. You remember a condition of your organism at the moment, its opportunities and resources. Of course, they are almost not limited (or perhaps and not almost). Though history knows many examples when supertension in physical trainings including respiratory, weakened or even cured chronic diseases. The choice, of course, for you.

5. Your way of life. Be adjusted on the fact that it will regularly be necessary to carry out exercises and a long time. Choose such technique which is interesting to you, is pleasant and in which you will be able to be engaged a long time. Taking into account your mode, free time, business trips, space in the apartment where you will be engaged also other circumstances of your life.

So, what breath correct? My answer is simple: it which gives you energy and strength to live.

Breathe on health!