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Four ways “spoil“ the relations!

As we build the relations? Who bears responsibility for them if something not as we would like it? Often we communicate or as children arriving in offenses or as the parents specifying by another as they should behave. It is not surprising that partners fall into a position of protection and as a result everything revolves. If, say, to present this process as the mechanism, then in it gears turn in different directions, and as a result a break. Though gears need time for grinding in, but they turn in one direction.
to become the expert in any area, to work independently and with full responsibility, we ­ have to attend school, then ­ special educational institution within several years ­ and, having passed examinations, to receive the document on education.
in partnership to us it needs nothing For the introduction therefore sometimes it seems that ­ some people behave in partnership like the driver without driving license who tries blindfold whole and safe to slip in a steam of cars. as we turn out
I overtaken unawares when suddenly ­ we begin to feel that the partnership falls that we cannot hold darling, and even we do not transfer the partner to whom swore fidelity. In full confusion we face fragments of our ­ relations and we wonder: “How could do it it happens?“
Questions and questions....
- WHY families collapse or, on the contrary, why the person cannot establish the family.
- WHY the closest people cause the strongest fits of anger, and even children sometimes cause
- WHY the person fails, becomes an inveterate drunkard, does not achieve the purposes which he set before himself.
- WHY over the years collect disappointments, chagrin, irritations, fatigue.
All these questions can be united in four ways of our communication with the world, the family, friends.
Today we will talk about one of them.
Is our projections. this mechanism In itself all of us have
. It can be divided into two parts … healthy and pathological. The first by means of which we plan future actions, we build assumptions, we come into contacts. It is heavy to imagine feelings of other person without having risen on his place. When I write this article, I also plan (I project) as it will look. Building assumptions that this subject will be interesting to you.
Second is pathological when they to us disturb (projection) adequately (with advantage for an organism) to function? At those moments when to us, for any reasons difficult or it is impossible to accept any qualities of character, feeling, experience, our requirements. When this mechanism become systematically arising, regardless of real behavior of the person then there are any diseases passing and into somatic (corporal). To choose to you how to function.
What occurs in human relations? [/URL] “Itself assumed
, itself decided, itself took offense …“ If I assume now that having written this article, all will condemn me. In this case to me it will be problematic to write further.
What to do?
If to take the given case with article, then I could conduct survey and already on the basis of it draw conclusions. Of course, there can be different responses, from angry to very warm and pleasant. What also is only projections of those people who expressed the opinion. When we check the assumptions (projections), in this case to appear information, but not our thinking and conjecturing. And probably one of the main issues will be: “If I (you) ask you a question you will think of me so and so.“
you will be surprised with answers of your interlocutors! How over time to change your emotions!
From where our assumptions and projections undertake? Let`s talk on this subject next time. Write
your comments, responses. Whether the subject and whether it is worth writing is interesting?