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Inspiration: how to find an own source?

Now I am inspired by approach of spring... I already feel its thin breath on a cold face of winter. I see how ice under an impudent and playful solar look slowly thaws. The sun, still having slightly blinked the eyes, looks out from - for gray clouds and hints that it entirely will take control of a firmament soon. Both birds will begin to chirp, and streams will ring out, and the spring thaw will begin to sound in the melodious and joyful fraction.

Puppyish delight of soul! She as if a fluffy puppy playfully wags a tail and jumps up on soft pads. Spring! Updating, revival... She will warm us the heat again, will present hope and will refresh all feelings. The nature - the surprising artist! She mixes in itself improbable colors, experiments with shades, she surprises us with the unpredictability and originality.

The nature always tests inspiration and strikes us with the masterpieces. It is a pity that not all people are able to enjoy this beauty. What is the inspiration and how to find it? Really it is destiny only of the elected persons?

No! The inspiration at least once in the life was tested by each person. This surprising feeling of participation with the world, unifications with it, is indescribable delight which fills soul, and she at this moment wants to soar, sing, dance and exult. Only each person uses power of inspiration in own way. Someone just internally lives this moment, without trying to express somehow it in the outside world, someone writes verses, someone music, someone creates new models or designs, opens a new species of flowers or removes new chemical formulas. Each of us has the right to use own emotions at a personal discretion. And the most various things can inspire us too.

It is very important - to find an own source of inspiration in life. It the same as to give life to a spring in the dried district, and here it begins to live and fill the grieving earth with reviver. And everything blossoms around, and the luminescence crystal-clear is formed around this spring, water in is mute magic, live, saving. And everyone who happened to enjoy voditsa from this spring felt great pleasure. Having estimated taste of this fine and pure, there is no wish for artificial and its dead substitutes any more, there is a desire and requirement to come back to this spring again and again, to be filled with it and to look for in is mute inspiration.

And still the inspiration is similar to the first snowdrop, it same fragile, lovely and touching as this flower. Always such new, surprising, wonderful.

But how to the person to find inspiration if nearby there are no springs, snowdrops do not grow and birds of paradise do not chirp behind a window? Everything is simple. This source of inspiration needs to be opened in itself.

For a start it is necessary to carry out clear-out in own soul - to collect from it all stuff consisting of old offenses, the saved-up experiences, negative emotions and to burn it, for example, together with an effigy of winter. And then to wash it as windowpanes, from all spots, stains, from dust and a soot. And I will not be surprised if, having cleared windows of the soul of all dirt, you suddenly see the crystal-clear sky, fine flowers and the bright laughing sun behind glass. Then you will test the real inspiration of life, it comes only to the light temples of soul filled with love and clarity.

And I tried to give the feeling of inspiration in this poem:

It sounds in me as an aerial music, a sweet shiver running
On a body...
I is a feeling marvelous, wonderful
I life with it unusual, another...

As though radiant tops,
Ready to open, obey, though are imperfect and guilty
I we, But we can enjoy
their greatness...

The mad ocean, my nervousness
I violence of feelings as wild falls,
As if Heaven blessing,
Where only LIGHT, is also not present the way back.
sincerely I wish all to test

Ya more than fine and light minutes of inspiration!