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How to create an effective and harmonious power supply system? Part 2

Ways of receiving all products, suitable in food, can be divided into three categories, it determines their value for food and efficiency of assimilation by an organism.

3. Food revolution .
in process of increase of population of our ancient communities of objects of hunting and collecting is become obvious not to be enough for a survival, and the mankind very cunning and skillfully passed to a number of additional products.

The mankind as a look is raised by maternal milk therefore logically there was an idea to expand the diet, taking away milk from a cattle. However this measure was not too effective as our organism since those old times is capable to acquire milk only aged about one year that corresponds to the breastfeeding period. After that such ability remains only at 20% of people in the form of a peculiar pathological dysfunction, and other 80% completely lose it.

Loss of ability to acquire milk was noticed by mankind for a long time, and it, as usual, decided to increase efficiency of process cunning. As in our stomach digestion of nutrients goes under the influence of acids, the idea to carry out process of preliminary digestion before milk gets into a digestive tract was repaid.

There were fermented milk products. The acid which is contained in them carries out the first stage of decomposition and simpler does food for digestion. As a result we have 2 groups of fermented milk products: in one milk turns sour itself then it is better acquired, - curdled milk and other; the second - even more competent, is group of cheeses where the product is created from milk under the influence of acids and bacteria (ferments) received from a digestive tract of animals. Uses this idea not only the person, but also representatives of fauna are spiders, having caught the victim, inject into it the digestive agent digesting it from within and only then drink the received nutritious bulyonchik. Therefore milk for adults is not a useful food product, fermented milk products are acquired not very well, and our organism is ready to acquire cheeses only after thermal treatment.

Even it is difficult to imagine how the person reached idea to select kernels at poor birds, but it is clear that it was the following stage of food crisis. After we selected grain at birdies, time of grain and porridges came. As it is easy to assume that they are acquired by an organism too badly, all this developed into baking art where grain was ground for simplification of its digestion in the beginning, and then prepared on fire in the form of various culinary products. Unleavened cakes (almost just baked wet flour) were the first bread. If to boil - noodles turned out. Then for a loosening began to add fermented milk products to dough, so there was the Georgian unleavened wheat cake, or flat cakes. At the last stage of development that yeast dough appeared.

Here the fact that each stage of development of process of preparation of products worsened their nutrition value is important. And the modern dietology confirms this fact - barmy bread breaks natural microflora of our intestines. It is known that the fresh flour product is acquired much better, than barmy bread.

Further - it is more, but it is strict in the same scheme. The later there is an agent of food, the less useful he appears for an organism, the more it loads system of digestion, the causes big pathology and, respectively, no relation to healthy food has.

We will sum up some results of the analysis of our diet.

So, all foodstuff it is easy to divide into three categories on their value for our food:

1. The object of hunting and collecting is useful always, is acquired ideally - it is any meat, fish, a game, vegetables (vershoks), fruit, nuts. By the way, earlier in Russia Russian cabbage soup prepared not from cabbage at all, and from a beet tops of vegetable in this connection were called as beetroot soup. And now the system of healthy food welcomes not only salads, but also all other “tops“ - land parts of cultural and wild-growing plants. And salad from petals of flowers represents a culinary delicacy at all.

2. Conditionally edible fungi (it is possible to get poisoned, but at skillful salting they very much are even suitable in food, it is important only to be able to prepare) and all root crops.

3. All objects of “food revolution“ - the milk, bread and products received with application of these products are not useful.

What is?

All this

it would be rather sad if there was no opportunity to bypass these restrictions by means of the Ayurvedic science having profound knowledge on interaction of qualities and properties of products which increase their digestibility and do of unhealthy products quite useful dishes easy for digestion.

Therefore in system of healthy food following the results of we have:

1. Products of the first category which are completely acquired by an organism and have to make a food basis;

2. The Ayurvedic cookery based on knowledge of qualities and properties of products and allowing to expand significantly our diet;

3. Unhealthy and merrily cookery which is necessary to us as a holiday of life and gives a certain pleasure of life which is necessary not less, than healthy food, but after which it is necessary to apply the special events compensating the damage caused to our organism.

And the healthy lifestyle quite accepts all these three options. The third option, certainly, on holidays.