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Smekhoterapiya. Can you laugh at yourself?

Ability to restrain arrogance and feeling of own importance - destiny of the few. As a rule, each person treats own person too seriously and demands it from people around. And many people go on life with affected importance, worrying too much that people around think of them, trying to conform to the standards accepted in society.

Unfortunately, some of us are almost deprived of self-irony, and it is so important already necessary to live easier and happier. Ability to turn a situation into comic and to find in it something ridiculous is a rare gift. You will seize it - and troubles will not seem such frightening, and enemies such cruel.

Whether it is possible to learn ability to be crumpled over itself? And with what to begin this process?

1. Smile to the reflection in a mirror.

you Remember the animated film about the Raccoon crumb? Every time he was frightened own reflection in a pond, did not learn it to smile yet. The reality as well as a mirror, reflects our view of it, returns us own reflection. Smile more and have fun, let the joyful spark shine in your eyes, and at this moment “from a smile gloomy day will become brighten“!

2. Indulge yourself in the decent portions of humour.

Try to watch more often good comedies, comedy shows, listen and esteem talented humorists, Mikhail Zadornov, for example, of Semyon Altov, they fine are able to laugh at severe reality. The humour is, really, our board. Having armed with it, it is already not so terrible to go on life.

3. Remember the childhood.

Pay attention what liberated and sincere children are. Still all is equal to them that think of them how they look in the opinion of others. They just live and rejoice, are not afraid to be ridiculous and clumsy, they play the fool and imagine themselves various heroes, can easily represent the hare, a bear, chanterelle, a kitty and other characters.

To us to learn from them to ability to reincarnate! Here, for example, you go public transport and you are irritated on people who are pushed, climb somewhere, step on legs... Here also the imagination comes to the rescue! Here it is possible to present a situation comic, for example, having imagined that you - a crested penguin, and people around - too clumsy crested penguins. Here they wave the wings, fuss, it is inconvenient them on the flippers in narrowness to move. And as it is possible to be angry with penguins, they such lovely and ridiculous, especially crested.

4. Laughter without the reason - a wisdom sign.

you Imagined a situation with penguins and internally smiled or maybe not only internally, quietly so, tips of lips gave the mood. You have an immunity against external irritants now. Also do not trust those who say that “laughter without the reason - the fool`s sign“. Just the opposite: it is an indicator of high worldly wisdom. People who learned to laugh at themselves and at others - the real lucky persons! They are not confused with own importance, and it is easy and interesting to communicate with them.

5. Smekhoterapiya treats all!

Ya I do not doubt that you, of course, know, the laughter is how important and useful to health. I am sure that all of you are able to laugh and have fun, play the fool and to relax with all the heart because it is really important and it is very necessary also for you, and the people surrounding you. The laughter prolongs life! And even the mimic wrinkles which are formed from laughter pleasantly decorate a human face, doing it lovely and good-natured. Over the years on a human face it is possible “to read“ whether much he laughed in life, or was angry and angry more.

If you want to be healthy and happy, laugh, please, more! Also you share the pleasure and the good mood with the world surrounding you. And then he will smile in reply and will present you the kind and magic moments of the real happiness!

You do not try to hold a cheerful smile -
better very loudly to neigh,
Than serious thought to be angry.
is better to pray cheerfully - Pleasure in the world to multiply

(Mikhail Bashakov. A fragment from a song “I am naughty“).