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How to grow up tomatoes in an open ground?

A few years ago after numerous experiments, a trial and error method, I made for myself a choice how to receive a good harvest of tomatoes on the seasonal dacha (in Altai). Since then, despite severe Siberian climate, I refused use of greenhouses and I grow up these vegetables only in an open ground.

As I prepare seeds of tomatoes generally itself, practically I do not use hybrids. My main grades now are the Russian Athlete, the Altai Masterpiece, the Astronaut Volkov, the King London, the Northern Beauty, Fat Jack, Snezhana, the Starred sturgeon. Every year I try no more than two - three new grades, and only if the grade is suitable for local climate, then I keep it for continuous cultivation.

I choose the space for tomatoes since fall so that carrots or onions were predecessors, and also strictly I watch that on this place tomato and potatoes there were no 3 - 4 years earlier. Evenly I fill up tomato beds with humus of a chicken dung, at the rate of 2 - 3 kg on 1 sq.m, I add whenever possible humus from compost and I leave everything so till spring.

I sow seedling in the first of April because the apartment and a loggia at me very solar and pomidorka grow very actively and quickly and if to sow them earlier, then they just outgrow. I use the earth (garden) with addition on a quarter of peat. Tomato I close up seeds dry on depth of 1 - 1,5 cm without any preseeding processing.

In soil I land seedling on May 15 - 20. Plants I place povdol beds in two rows, on distance of 50 - 60 cm between bushes. At once I establish metal arches over beds, and on them I fix strips of an agricultural nonwoven ukryvny cloth. It well protects young pomidorka and from the burning spring sun, and from strong wind, and from small frosts. If temperature falls very low (to minus 8 - 10 degrees), and it in our district not a rarity, then in addition from above I cover beds also polyethylene. These efforts continue till June 15, and then I clean all shelters on storage, and tomatoes grow constantly openly.

I weed the whole summer of a bed, I regularly water 2 - 3 times a week, constantly I loosen, at the same time slightly hilling bushes. Two times during the season in June and July I do top dressing by solution of a chicken dung (1 to 15) at the rate of one bucket on 10 - 12 bushes. It gives very good effect, tomatoes grow very strong, powerful, well blossom and give many ovaries.

I tie tall, indeterminantny grades (some reach 2,5 m) to pegs and I form in two stalks, cleaning everything stepsons. I do not bind determinant tomatoes at all, and I fill up their beds with pine needles and they grow in horizontal position. It not really affects productivity, and fruits at the expense of needles pure and do not spoil at all.

In September I untie bushes of late grades from pegs and I display along beds, again I put arches and ukryvny material for protection already against autumn frosts. In such a way fructification lasts to the middle of October. I do and for lezhky grades (The northern Beauty, Pertsevidnye, etc.). Some of them can keep quite good quality of fruits up to new year. Can they in December and not such beautiful by sight as in the summer, but good taste and ecological pure for 100 percent! Salads from fresh a pomidorok and other vegetables are fine decoration of a New Year`s table and leave simply - with a bang!