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Future of a human civilization?

Without idea and moral aspiration of people, society, the nation degrade and morally decay, the state collapses.
of People on Earth appeared not incidentally. The matter is that the person in the evolution has to reach immortality and to become the full CREATOR in the Universe, but before he has to gather experience and knowledge in social systems.
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Briefly about an idea essence:
In the Universe continuously evolution goes, in the world everything flows and the mind and body of the person which constantly move to top of the highest mission changes, develops.
we Will take a pyramid top (fig. 1) up.
On the left side of a pyramid spirit of the person, evolving, rises by pyramid top.
On the right side of a pyramid, evolving, the physical body of the person and the state, social systems in whom the person develops rise by pyramid top.
Consciousness of the person extends, there comes the moment when it already contains an essence of all moral laws which we designated on the lower party of a pyramid. Having learned all lessons located on the lower party of a pyramid and having contained them in the heart, the expanded consciousness directs to pyramid top in two ways - through spirit and matter.

At pyramid top everything, both spiritual, and material connects and turns into the uniform clarified immortal body of the Person - the Creator in the Universe - it the statement does not contradict deep concepts of all world religions.
(On the intermediate way of ascension on top of a pyramid there can be a social system similar to communism, or on other morally high and perfect state system).
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humanoid individuals had practically Millions years ago no human signs of culture. It was difficult to survive and keep the posterity in such conditions. Therefore, about, 5 million years ago they began to come - to live to practice families, then communities in which property, the posterity and its education were the general.

Over time in primitive society there was a human culture, then the states were formed and there were new social systems which in the complexity reached to the point of absurdity today - “the controller on the controller, and all steal“. the spirit of the person is immortal

According to all world religions. We will take the principle of reincarnation (transformation) of spirit of the person in new spiritual philosophy for an axiom.
Atheistic methods of moral education include such concepts as - honor, conscience, advantage, patriotism, a debt to fatherland. In atheism immortality of human spirit is not considered, it is considered that with death of a physical body life forever stops.

The secular school of spiritual culture based on classical literary works and arts comprises both religious methods, and atheistic methods of moral education of the person.
Classical works on which secular education, as a rule, is based are based on the atheistic principles of morals and only on one of religions. Last century of work of classics went in vanguard of culture, but everything flows and changes, the consciousness of the person extends. Now they lack broad religious vision through a prism of all main world religions and bases of scientific knowledge. Therefore, in artistic classical images of the past there is no wide logical conclusion in respect of moral education of the modern person.

Correctly developing state at the wise governor uses all ways of education of morals for different segments of the population, levels of culture and width of consciousness of citizens of the state. In the USSR atheistic methods successfully worked. The large role in education of morals was played by literature and art. But, to counterbalance atheism in the USSR there was no spiritual component - the left side of a pyramid lost the value - the balance was broken towards atheism, people lost faith in God and in communism, the evolutionary pyramid developed.

Figure 2 displays 10 steps of stage-by-stage ascension on top of planetary evolution of the person. In the SPHERE center it is designated 5 - I am an evolutionary step, here the mankind accumulated a lot of knowledge, but this knowledge is not built in the correct system therefore the chaos reigns in consciousness of mankind. Closer by 2000 in the state systems destructive processes accelerated - former systems become obsolete the term. The problem of the state consists in implementation of equitable distribution of property, the correct order and control of citizens, agrees to the laws established in it. In the near future by means of nanotechnologies of business of people will be at all in the public eye.

Besides, many will gain ability to read mind of other people. The world community will be to pass to simple, open social systems forcedly. Any violations will begin to become obsolete. In spheres of science and education the order will appear and then into the forefront from chaos of information there will be real knowledge. The consciousness of the person will quickly extend and the person will direct on top of the planetary evolution - to immortality. (And evolutionary process constantly accelerates if the steps of the lower hemisphere of the SPHERE displayed in figure 2, the mankind overcame for millions of years, then it will pass steps of the top hemisphere for several thousands of years).

On 9 - y an evolutionary step of development of matter (the right hemisphere of the SPHERE) the state control will already be minimum, and the state system will have similarity to advanced communism.

On the highest 10 - y evolution steps, the consciousness of each person will be so high and self-sufficient that the state systems will be as superfluous abolished. However this process not such fast as we would like. The matter is that besides perfection of a physical body and the state systems in parallel goes, invisible to our look, evolution of inner worlds and development of spirit of the person, and is the most important. The matter is that the physical world is not perfect. The person came to this world to learn, clarify and lead it to the highest planetary spiritual order. Learning various processes and laws of the physical world which are in the sphere of knowledge (conditionally at ShARA Square), the person evolves and gains energy, (which is equivalent to SPHERE volume to its section at a certain evolutionary step of consciousness).

The spirit of the person is improved, his energy grows, and the thought gets the magic force and ability to materialize physical objects. Over time, having deeply learned physical laws, the person by force of thought will create the new worlds in the Universe - it is and there is the highest mission of the person and other reasonable beings in the Universe. Such condition is necessary to support infinite life in the Universe. Therefore on a wreath of planetary evolution of People gets a uniform immortal body and becomes the young Creator new still in the Universe.

Now we will pay attention to the left hemisphere of the SPHERE where steps of perfection of spirit of people are schematically displayed. The people studying laws of evolution of spirit know that in a physical body of the person, on other frequency parameters of thin fields which our devices, practically, do not fix there are seven main bodies of the person. It can be compared to analogy of radio waves of the physical world where in one volume exists differently - wave information which waves do not interfere with each other as they settle down at various frequencies and it occurs in one physical world. While thin bodies of the person are built in the different thin worlds. According to spiritual laws in a human body there is seven the main thin ph. the Highest 7 - e the body is immortal long ago, then reached immortality 6 - e a thin body, then at 1 evolutionary step became immortal 5 - e a thin body (a body of will and creativity).

Today 4 - e the thin spiritual body (soul), at most of people on Earth is already immortal (therefore for low consciousness mass rescue of spiritual bodies which carriers will be embodied on other low planets was closed whatever to prevent terrestrial evolution). So occurred in the last millennia, so occurs now, will happen so in the future at all evolutionary levels when the majority of bodies become clarified. Now the turn of mass transition to immortality came to the highest radio body which at many people already reached today immortality. Then, approximately on 9 - y an evolutionary step mass transition to immortality of the lowest radio body which thin world according to frequency characteristics is near the physical world will begin. On a wreath of planetary evolution - on 10 - y an evolutionary step mass transition to immortality of physical bodies of the person will begin and the spirit of the person will get the uniform, clarified immortal body.

Thus, a human civilization, having fulfilled the program, will close a fatal circle of immortality. Pay attention, at the beginning of origin, the mankind existed freely - without social systems, then there were families, communities (a primitive form of communism). In the future history will repeat - through advanced communism the mankind in the highest form of planetary development will come to free existence, without any controlling state systems again.

(The figures connected over the years evolutions approximate will also be specified. Besides, some people can reach quicker than the specified terms immortality while others much will reach later immortality, but it is other subject of conversation).

© Nikolay Denisenko

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