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“Good intentions paved the road to hell“... As to create the benefit?

Quite often using different words in the speech, we does not think of their value, and what semantic loading they bear, especially. Let`s compare two, apparently, simple concepts, based on such pleasant, light, blank and ringing word “benefit“.

The benefit has property of usefulness and is capable to satisfy certain human wants is from the point of view of economy. From a point of sight of ethics, morality, spirituality and psychology “benefit“ can be replaced with concept “kindly“, and it will mean intended, disinterested and sincere aspiration to implementation of useful act. This act has to bring to the person happiness, joy and love and can be carried out only by free will.

So to blagotvorit - it means to make good for the person only at his request and with manifestation of his free will. Among psychologists there is such concept as assistance or carrying out consultation only at the request of the client. It just also means “to create the benefit“.

Why “to create“ and why? Yes because the highest manifestation divine in the person consists in creativity. Drawing on new wall-paper in the house a red pencil, the little man thus shows creativity.

Growing up and creating the picture of the world, he draws already colored pencils on album sheets greeting cards for parents, again showing creativity.

And at mature age creates the whole pictures - masterpieces, showing creativity again.

Each person is a creator, in particular - the happiness. When the person with wounded soul comes to reception to the psychologist and tells about the problems, at this moment to the oyena can create itself and asks for help of the expert. And that`s it here the psychologist begins “to create the benefit“. To create good and to create love space for renewal of pleasure which allows again the person to become happy and to create most.

Each person whom ask for the help can create such benefit.

And what means “good intentions the road to hell is covered“? Too in a basis “benefit“. Really the good sends to hell? It can be if … Present to

a situation. You stand on a stop and wait for transport. The stranger approaches you and tells that you have a sore heart as the triangle in a nose and a chin has a bluish color, namely this sign says that it is necessary to visit the cardiologist. Arises doubt in the head - and, maybe, it is the truth? In this case the good imposed by the stranger sends to hell.

If to consider a position of the stranger, then he, it seems, had exclusively good intentions. By training he is a doctor, saw pronounced symptomatology of a cardiac illness, approached and recommended diagnostics. Unless not the benefit?

But on the other hand, you unless about it asked it? Whether you were ready to hear about the sore heart or an elevated pressure? And wished to communicate in general? Now instead of going on affairs, you will think all day only of it, the thought will not abandon you until you reach the cardiologist and do not find out what is with you.

The infinite thought of this problem will turn life into hell. Here to you and “good intentions covered the road to hell“. On you!! Wanted, did not want - receive!! It is possible to “good intentions“ to pick up also other popular wisdom. “To Tula with the samovar“, “to others monastery with the charter“. In essence these statements are similar, have only a different emotional color and different force.

It is possible to draw a conclusion that “the benefit to create difference“ from “good intentions covered the road to hell“ that one phenomenon occurs only at manifestation of free will of that person to whom this charity is directed, at his desire and a consent, and the second is not present. The second is an intervention in personal space, in defiance will of the person.

Distinguish these concepts, form only good intentions for yourself and you create the benefit for others only at their request.