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Whether there is still time to reflect?

Are not article, and more likely just information for reflection everything who on it has time and whom problems of the person and his survival in the world it interest. Article “Natural selection at the person became the reason of emergence of this information. Civilization for the good or to the detriment?“ Natalja Moskalyova and her discussion (see ru/blog/533814/#post539553)

H. of M Now premature weak children survive and, having matured, propagate. And by that continue the WEAK sort. *

Yu. N. Zdravstvuyte Natalya! Thanks for article! Pleases that there are in the world it women understanding that in the world it there is something not that...

N of M. * Birth rate goes down, and the old age and diseases are nursed. *

Yu. N of the UN already a few years ago recognized aging of the population as the main threat of a civilization, but the old men and old women of it driving out of mind do not understand... as well as those which already since the birth are in the same state. It is unlikely understand that also doctors create...

Further there are several dialogues about a role of doctors, in tch. about tn. vrachebno - medical medical ethics, and S. Rusich told what * Somehow did not come to his mind that medical students ceased to be done by doctors. But same it is extremely dangerous! Then the graduate becomes not the doctor, but the grabber! *

On the fact that in the main weight doctors in detail initially are I will not tell to speak, and I will just remind Christ`s words that you recognize them by fruits them, and I will give that recently told about doctors and medicine one of the Jews, most famous in the modern world, M. Lightman:

** Once people did not trust drugs and vaccines, and now do not trust doctors. Doctors are betrayed to money presently, but not to human health. The medicine turned into business, medicines are issued not so much for treatment how many for earnings. Certainly, all our world is selfish, however in this sphere people are especially sensitive.

Life for the ordinary person - the most precious treasure. But it cannot entrust it to the doctor because the doctor thinks not about his health, and of money. Treatment is an enormous business today.

From here - resistance, misunderstanding, “black“, nonconventional, alternative medicine … How it can be that the person was treated depending on his financial opportunities? Bodies all of us are equal. But is not present, the doctor professionally estimates thickness of a purse of the patient and hotly recommends it what he holds back in other cases.

Everything rotted through in the modern world, and medicine - not an exception … ** In general M. Lightman told new nothing

, shopping mall. many authors who blame of medicine increase in the world it numbers of patients, in tch very long time ago wrote about doctors - sly fellows and just swindlers. spiritually, people, and distribution in it any new diseases.

Yes, there are among doctors competent and dobronamerenny people, but in system of medical corporation to them just will not allow to do honestly what they have to do according to the doctrine about due, those. to go in for health care and prevention. But, most likely, not thanks to them, and contrary to, at healthy by nature and the people who did not become for the present the victims of medicine - chelovek, there is time for reasonings both on medicine, and on doctors, and on itself, and on destiny of all mankind in which fight for existence gets more and more cunning and artful forms, one of which was a medicine for a long time.

All of health and love mutual!