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Why thoughts are material. (part second) of

So, after so “clever“ and very evidence-based introduction (and actually, this is true) what we have? And we have that simple subject that, in general that we think, we receive (if something good, and we do it correctly, everything and is good as also the second option is possible) - so to say, “on a bottom“.
So that everything was good, or something was well concrete, important to know one simple rule - important not only to think about good, but also to use for its realization the corresponding methods (according to the scheme - from the evil the dobra will not be).
Victor Frankl who began the activity of the psychologist, living in a local concentration camp, described one simple case. Somehow one prisoner decided that 25 - go December he will begin free (whether dreamed it in a dream, whether still something seemed) to live, nevertheless, it became this idea. Came 25 - e December, nobody released it - he died. Here to you and power of thought!
So. Power of thought is so big in our life that it is necessary to be able to use it correctly. Rule first: nobody lives without meaning of life (and a question this very dark - in sense of its sense). Well and so, any intelligence of life arises only within our dreams of something good therefore “dream - and will be given you!“ At the same time, dreams in this practical direction it is very easy to divide on global and current. Global dreams represent something very good (it something very good and big in the future) to which it is very pleasant to aspire, the last - the most important. Our dream is necessary to brighten up to us burdens of the current everyday life, creating that positive motivation without which we also do not live. Breaking this dream into a number of simple stages, we have very good positive plan for every day. As for current plans, for simplification of a situation, they can have preparatory character. Well, so to say, not directly realization of our dream, and creation of a condition for its implementation. the Clever reader will notice
concerning the last cogitative nuance of the author that thus under our dream can be “podpikhnut“ in general anything “for every day“. Exactly. It`s true. Main at the same time - that the mood was good.
Rule second. You want that it was good - help others. Somehow time somebody decided to make a lot of good and he built the palace what light did not see before. There was he, stood, looked, and understood: “Everything vanity puts also languor of spirit“. Then he decided to put gardens, the result, generally speaking, was former. After several unsuccessful attempts of realization of the ideas, having perhaps been upset, he decided to go to a tavern and to get drunk. And suddenly understood: “And as it is good!“ Conclusion: that in life is good that in pleasure, and the rest - empty. In general there is very interesting effect when what we represent in our life has absolutely return consequences. you can tell
that here the author obviously “bends“ as to buy, for example, the good car it is always value. For this purpose we make simple intellectual experiment, namely: we form a limit of our dreams (without any restrictions) - Ferrari, so Ferrari, Formula One, so Formula One. We put it on the desert island with the ring highway, we sit down in not and we begin to feel that feeling of a high. You do not find similarity to Ekaliziast? (in respect of mood, all vanity and languor of spirit).
So what this clever book speaks about. What was solved by this author? He decided to build the palace or “to show off“? Matter of course, “to show off“. However, as appears from the same book, it very few people inspired, as it is clear, at all so affairs fully. Children are small, to feed the husband and you never know? And here it with the palace. The same was also with gardens. Therefore, the more we try to make something for ourselves, the less at us it turns out - beings - that we social, and it should be considered. And to make something good for the loved one is already absolutely another. Generally speaking, the feeling of good is defined not by the volume of the carried-out works, and reaction of society (the next or not really). So, for example, one of my acquaintances - the sociologist - devoted me in that subject that one our mutual friend, about - about - about - very big politician, checks every morning the report on the political rating on the scheme - yesterday there were 72%, today 72,5% - are good. The return is also right (well very much is upset). He thinks of the people, and that of whom?
Of course, the skilled reader will notice that, seemingly, most of our people easily mastered the thesis specified in the Bible about the scheme of pleasure (“makes sour every day“). But we are with you not about it, we are with you about other pleasures of life.
So as Paulo Kuelyo correctly writes, “any dream of the person in it the world is realized if only very much to want“, well and, by itself to work a little. It by default so is clear.
A as our thoughts? Thoughts not only form plans, they also embody them. We need only to work a little.