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Why thoughts are material. (the first part)

In the beginning there was a word …
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the Subject more than not unreasonable. The matter is that the frequency characteristic of any radiation is higher, the is higher than his power engineering specialist and when in a number of interdisciplinary sciences there is a subject that “all these biowaves - the real nonsense as it something, as it is impossible to see“ is just misunderstanding of a question. Radiation has neither no light, nor Kusa, nor a smell too. And, by the way, in the beginning experiments with this subject were not idea about its injuriousness and schemes of protection - it appeared then. It must be kept in mind that mental energy - the same wave particles, but are billion times less and more powerful than any of the known radiation of “a physical grade“ - that is those types of waves which can be registered by means of the electronic equipment. Just the size of an electron and the size of a particle of our thought corresponds as Earth and a mote, respectively and is not registered as at impact of motes on Earth, the last reacts a little. The benefit consists that each of us possesses this energy in rather small doses, so, that direct impact on physical objects (for example, violation of their working capacity) arises in extremely exceptional cases, otherwise it would be possible to blow up easily all Universe because “that is created by thought …“. It in a general sense. And everything would be so simply if not all this significantly influenced our life - on the past, the present and the future.
So, we will imagine that all of us live in a uniform information field, we will imagine that this uniform information, or the biofield (Vernadsky called it still the biosphere) is a live organism which is capable to react and even to communicate (the subject of the Solaris in respect of analogy arises here easily). By the way, any fantasy lives not in our imagination - it is that information which soars in this field, and to which are capable to react all during a dream and many even during wakefulness (the famous psychologists define this story as “spontaneous logic“ - when thoughts and ideas appear as if from nowhere - the theory of inspiration).
As well as the Solaris, this field is capable to materialize our thoughts, in sense to realize and to build in them our everyday life. To be convinced of this process, you can use a simple “meditative“ technique.
So, we will imagine what in the future waits for us (or we assume a certain event). Let`s try to sit down quietly, as much as possible on it to be adjusted - we will think and we will imagine how all this could occur. And further we will listen to our feelings. Option only 3:
1. Feelings unpleasant - can be problems (this event to us bears nothing good even if externally it is represented to us that it not so), simply speaking if we plan, it seems, very useful and good event, there can be “unpleasant nuances“, generally, to go not as we planned all this.
2. There is a strange feeling of “an unclear grade“ - that, se. It is supposed that this event is not created yet and if to us it is important, we have to put a stock of own forces and energy there.
3. Thinking of this event, we experience inflow of positive emotions - pleasure, inspiration etc. - everything is good, everything will develop very successfully (at least, at the moment).
concerning the future. Led developments of your lovely author in the field of “microwave inventions“ to the fact that the program module providing direct program, or digital, biocommunication with this information field was created (in respect of laboratory researches). There was such thing - that it is really similar to the ocean with the processes happening there. At the same time, at request for possible events of the future, quite strange answer came. So, for example, on now it 80%, tomorrow - 90%, and the day after tomorrow in general 0% could be conditional. There were cases when on any circumstances connection just was not established (noise, or failure on the line) so, from the point of view of the theory, this object can be imagined as the dynamic event field in which there are multiple communications forming these or those events and at some moment readiness of an event can be equal to nearly 100%, and in a second - in general 0%.
Therefore, any forecasts (peeping in the future or research of the future) are almost not possible that, generally speaking, and very well as precisely know that for us it will be not always as useful as it seems. Besides, it is a live organism in which each of us, and all of us are with you together, easily we form the happening process (in the sense that we influence), it as with the child - if it rolls up to us a hysterics, then are possible - to receive 2 options demanded (for example, ice cream), or on a bottom. Approximately and here. At the same time, in these conditions there is much quieter productive approach assuming that there is a certain rule which will allow us to receive positive results so as it was correctly told in the people - zagad it is not be rich. And here it is quite possible to plan and participate. And this method also is that other as technology of positive psychology, or a method of irrational reality (according to S. A. Nikitin).