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How psychologically to protect itself.

Whether time at us it, whether with the people something became, but any talk on “sorcery“ became very popular. Has to notice that the effect in itself is strongly exaggerated. So:
1. No influence can be carried out without our consent. So if we speak “no“, is not present, if “yes“, yes. And agreeing to carrying out a certain influence, you will be ready to receive what you are given.
at the same time if we speak “no“, then even in any attempts somehow to influence us, at us can deteriorate mood, forces will decrease, but the effect all the same will not be reached.
2. The main rule of psychological security - self-confidence. If you are sure of your correctness, hold the ground, at the same time it is possible to listen to any councils and wishes, but decisions need to be accepted only (by the way, such techniques guarantee not only psychological security, but also other security).
3. Favourite homeopathy. Psychological influence (arrival) always leads to a failure of immunity and emergence of a trace in mentality therefore even if you were cursed in the subway or shop, it is necessary to restore own biofield and, by itself, mood.

A factor of cancellation

At all simplicity a method very powerful and interesting as except cancellation of the current pathogenesis (an ideal preparation for treatment of current state), it cancels all pathogenesis, including pathogenic habits, dependence and even external negative impact (from any factors).
So. The first point of the program is a crystal wine glass. The matter is that attempt to apply other vessels, including crystal glasses instead of a wine glass - effect has no, and that is why: so it turned out that the wine glass is an ideal device for biocopying. And that is why.
When copying we hold it only by a leg which, in this case, works with an ideal wave guide, and the directed action. The orientation of radiation is defined as narrowing of a leg by the end (therefore all wave is radiated upward in a vessel), and existence on its end of “blyambochka“ - that leg which in this case works with an ideal reflector (those who at least once saw the laser, more precisely its tube, know that just the same glass otsekatel (“blyambochka“) stand from each party, carrying out function of a reflector), besides the wine glass becomes so that its internal surface almost ideally coincides with a hyperbolic lens (concave) that ideally distributes a biowave on all volume of water (it is necessary to tell that in all follevsky equipment for a microwave resonance usual flat reflectors, just because is not possible to order production of such form of a lens almost are used, and here we have it every time). So, the wine glass is just idelano suitable as the device for biocopying, and will arrange nothing else.
at the same time is better, to use a silver spoon. Biocopying happens to the help of the standing wave - that “äçèíüê“, at the same time silver as metal excites more true tone and brings additional to a component. As for the process, it completely coincides with creation of the hologram. At the same time, “äçèíüê“ (a standing wave) the our biofield - pedmetny - in terms of holography is basic, and.
If to use the silvered water, then effect will be even more powerful, even more “similar“ (ions of silver create an additional ionic lattice which sharply increases activity of a preparation). It is not difficult to receive silver water at all, to ship rather silver spoon for the night in bank with boiled water. Just in case: at all “simplicity“ of a plot, the effect can be a miscellaneous (certainly, except medical) - from slight dizziness before temperature increase (for a while). As this method create the full copy of the current pathogenesis, “with what more you are sick“, that the effect will be stronger then there comes improvement of health, moods etc. of
So, concerning a wine glass we understood. We pour in it water (so that it ringed), usually it on one third further, and we take it in a hand. A usual question - in what hand to take. It is necessary to proceed from the following: at the left - the future, lungs, heart, a bladder, on the right - the past, a liver, a gall bladder, the right kidney. Certainly, it is much more convenient to ring a spoon if it in the right hand (for the right-handed person), but options are possible. At the same time, usually we do not one “äçèíüê“, but three - just for reliability of copying. Then we drink water an equal stream (without sharp drinks as glugs which can arise in water also create acoustic waves which reduce efficiency of rewriting). It is necessary to drink at once as water is a liquid biocrystal which changes the structure under the influence of light, electric and magnetic fields so in about 15 - 20 minutes after copying in usual room conditions it will be only a wine glass with boiled water.